MLS commissioner Garber: ‘We need to become a selling league’

first_imgJust this season, the league has seen the record-breaking sale of Alphonso Davies, who departed the Vancouver Whitecaps to join Bayern Munich for a fee that could reach $22 million, while midfielder Tyler Adams was sold to RB Leipzig after breaking through with the U.S. national team and the New York Red Bulls. Adding up also are the upcoming sales of Chris Richards to Bayern Munich, Zack Steffen to Manchester City and, perhaps the most lucrative move of the bunch, Miguel Almiron’s potential move from Atlanta United.Garber said he views the sale of Davies in particular as a good thing, but also said there’s pressure on the club to reinvest that money correctly.In years past, Garber has stressed that it was more important for the league to keep hold of its stars in an effort to grow via continuity in local markets, but the commissioner says that idea has  changed.”We need to become more of a selling league,” Garber said on Friday. “As a person who has been selling this league for nearly 20 years, I’ve always believed that you have to have the players that resonate in the market to be the aspirations for young kids peaking through the fence when they see them train.”We all need to get used to the fact that, in the world of global soccer, players get sold. I viewed a whole list of them over the past couple of days and (Romelu) Lukaku is 25 and he’s already had four or five teams that he’s played for.”Those clubs, starting at Anderlecht, in those countries they don’t have to worry about building a league because their league is already built.”The “big issue”, Garber says, is the lack of solidarity payments in the U.S., with big-money moves for Michael Bradley and DeAndre Yedlin being the subject of lawsuits from the USMNT stars’ youth clubs.As things stand, youth clubs are not entitled to training compensation, but Garber says that needs to change as well.”I don’t know that it’s entirely about young players chasing their dreams as it is about international clubs chasing our young players,” he said. “That’s something that we have to wrap our collective minds around and figure out how we manage that in a way that justifies our owners investing north of 100 million outside of our first team rosters.”We are not, as a country, participants in solidarity and training compensation, and I think that probably has to change. We have to find a way that that’s going to happen. How do we at least get compensated? I don’t know how we can justify making those kind of investments that we’ve been making.””Our view on this whole area is very, very different than it was two,three four or five years ago,” he added. “The product that we’re developing has become some of the more important assets, and we need to start finding ways of protecting or finding some ways to get compensated if we can’t protect them or can’t sign them.”That conversation will likely be a long one as the league will have to navigate various laws and practices in an effort to fit a more traditional compensation structure into the league. Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber says the league needs to embrace its status as a selling league as teams have to truly reap the rewards of the continued investment in young players.Speaking at the annual State of the League address ahead of MLS Cup, Garber discussed the shifting landscape surrounding youth soccer in the United States and Canada. By and large, the goal for Garber and MLS is to become more competitive while taking the right financial steps to make that happen.”Many of you know that I had a pretty public confrontation with Jurgen Klinsmann regarding his views and what needed to happen with our clubs being more competitive,” Garber said.”Many years later, as I look at the competitiveness of our teams, we need to have the kinds of clubs that exist all over the world where you have to earn your way onto that field as a young player and you have to earn the money that is now available. “last_img read more

Uganda tops netball group, to face Fiji in quarters on Thursday

first_img13Northern Ireland4103143254-1112 0Grenada400480268-1880 0Sri Lanka4004141198-570 1New Zealand4400252811718 10Samoa420217216394 0Malaysia300369224-1550 4England4400242751678 9Fiji430110363406 8Trinidad and Tobago420255130-754 5South Africa430119294986 Position in WYNC2013FlagTeam NamePLWDLGFGAGDPTS 7Barbados400397212-1152 Position in WYNC2013FlagTeam NamePLWDLGFGAGDPTS 15Singapore400472259-1870center_img 12Scotland4301150162-126 0Botswana4301212159536 3Jamaica4301159111486 Position in WYNC2013FlagTeam NamePLWDLGFGAGDPTS 2Australia4400297772208 Uganda   44 Jamaica ??  39Quarterfinal fixtures THURSDAYNew Zealand vs  South Africa 11amUganda vs Fiji 1pmScotland vs Australia 3pmJamaica vs England 5pmGabarone, Botswana| THE INDEPENDENT REPORTER | Uganda’s She Pearls lost their final Pool C game in the ongoing Netball World Youth Cup but still qualified top of the group for the quarterfinals that start Thursday.They will take on Fiji for a place in the semifinals at 1pm on Thursday. 15Uganda4301180102786 6Wales4103130147-172 0Cook Islands3003121145-240 0Zimbabwe4202199215-164 Position in WYNC2013FlagTeam NamePLWDLGFGAGDPTS VIDEO Jamaica vs UgandaTweets about @IntNetballShare on: WhatsApplast_img read more

Posters Reduce Substance Use, Consequences Among Tumwater Teens

first_imgSubmitted by TOGETHERTUMWATER – A poster campaign at Tumwater High School reduced youth alcohol and tobacco use over four years, and reduced their experience of negative consequences from alcohol or drug use, such as missing school, performing poorly on a test, turning in late work, or feeling depressed.Preliminary results of the Social Norms campaign at Tumwater High School show youth alcohol and tobacco use trended downward over four years. Most encouraging are improvements in academics. Since 2009, 61.4% fewer students report performing poorly on a test because of alcohol or drug use, and 50.4% fewer students miss school as a result of substance use. Over 40% (43.7%) fewer students now report turning in late papers, missing tests, or failing to study due to alcohol or other drug abuse. In addition, the surveys showed fewer students engaging in risky behaviors than they were before the Social Norms campaign. For example, student run-ins with the police, teens driving under the influence, and unwanted sexual contact as a result of alcohol or drugs all saw reductions.“Overall, I think this has been a really positive experience for our school,” said THS Principal Scott Seaman. Before the campaign, students thought it was cool to be a partier, but now, Seaman says more student leaders are making good choices, which can improve academics, as the data show.Social Norms, run by TOGETHER!, is also under way in 7 other high schools in the area. Through annual surveys, students report their use and perceptions. Results are used to create posters unique to each school that correct misperceptions, teaching students the true statistics: Most of their peers do not use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. This increases disapproval and reduces usage. TOGETHER! is a nonprofit in Thurston County that works to promote healthy youth decision-making. Facebook1Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Jagdeo to address thousands at Babu Jaan on way forward for PPP

first_imgPeople’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo is expected to deliver a very important keynote address to thousands of Guyanese, party supporters, dismissed sugar workers and deflectors from the ruling A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change coalition Government, when he takes the stage at the memorial service organised to mark the 21st death anniversary of the PPP’s founding father and former President, Dr Cheddi Jagan.Jagdeo, Guyana’s longest serving former President and the current Opposition Leader, is expected to share his perspectives on a number of matters, including the way forward for the PPP in the current political environment.Opposition Leader Bharrat JagdeoSources close to the Opposition Leader told Guyana Times Jagdeo would also be spreading messages of hope as he will no doubt be urging supporters of the PPP, including dismissed workers, to redouble their efforts to struggle for a better Guyana where their futures are secured.“I expect that Comrade Jagdeo’s message at that event will set the tone for the movement forward ahead of the party’s next congress. I know that the entire country is excited and Berbicians are mobilised because of how badly they have been treated by this new coalition Government. Some feel that he is their only hope and the party is the only way that they will be able to get back on their feet,” the source said.On Friday, the Party’s Central Executive Committee and its entire leadership were locked in discussion about a number of fundamental issues which needed their approval.“The Programme for Babu Jaan has been set. The speakers have already been identified. We are united and we are strong. The support for Cheddi Jagan’s party is growing as the PPP continues to expose the wickedness and weaknesses of the coalition,” the source maintained.Guyana Times understands that the event will mark the 21st death anniversary of Dr Jagan and his 100th birth anniversary.“Jagdeo will outline how the party continues to keep Jagan’s policy alive,” the source noted. (Michael Younge )last_img read more

Money and Marriage

first_imgBy Carol ChurchWhen two people walk down the aisle with stars in their eyes, we hope that fights and arguments are the farthest thing from their minds. But of course, for all couples, some conflict is inevitable.Did you know that financial issues are one of the top problem areas in marriage? According to research, money is one of the most frequent causes of marital arguments; one study found it to be the #1 source of conflicts for newlyweds. Money troubles may even be the marital problem that predicts divorce most strongly of all.These concerns can be cyclical, too. Lack of money and money problems create stress, which leads to fighting and unhappiness, which may even lead to communication problems that cause more money issues! This issue can get especially bad if couples tend to fight about money in an angry, bitter, and unproductive way.For service members, who face often other challenges, fights about money are another stressor that they definitely don’t need. However, as we all know, money can sometimes be a tough issue in military families, what with unexpected expenses, “up and down” compensation, and lower pay for many.So, what can couples do to manage money proactively and productively so that this issue doesn’t sabotage their happiness? Relationship experts and financial gurus offer some advice that can help.Image via to Reduce Money Problems and Financial Conflict Within a MarriageCommunicate about financial habits and beliefs: The financial attitudes, habits, and beliefs that we learn in childhood and further develop in adulthood can have a huge effect on how we manage our finances as adults…but styles definitely vary. (Are you a saver or spender? Do you embrace, tolerate, or fear risk?) To make the money merger a smooth one, couples should start talking about this issue long before wedding bells are ringing. For instance, will all accounts be shared? How much “fun money” does each spouse get? Getting on the “same page” can eliminate a lot of strife. Check out the Money Habitudes program to learn more about these concepts. Be cautious of debt: For most couples, some debt will be inevitable. However, it’s important to draw a distinction between consumer debt, such as credit card balances, car payments, or payday loans, and other types of debt, like mortgages and student loans. Studies find that consumer debt is linked to lower marriage satisfaction, more fights, and more feelings that things are “unfair” in the marriage. What’s more, over time, couples that continue to take on debt may be more likely to split up. To give marriages their best chance, keep consumer debt balances low. Have a plan: Our financial lives proceed more smoothly when we create measurable, achievable goals and a plan to meet them. Couples who make time to set this into motion will benefit from the feeling of accomplishment and teamwork that follows. Don’t forget to discuss your hopes and dreams for your financial future, too. Prioritize savings and build an emergency fund: Wise couples start early in building savings, even when money is tight. Setting early goals of putting a certain percentage of each paycheck away will do wonders in keeping the financial wolf away from the door and preventing the stress and conflict that can tear couples apart when emergency strikes. Programs like America Saves and Military Saves can help.What Do Happy Couples Do?Here’s one last thought. An interesting study looked at about 65 “very happy” married couples and asked them how they managed money in their relationships. While not every couple handled things the same way, there were some interesting patterns. On the whole, these blissful men and women tended to:Avoid debtDeputize one person to be the “money manager”Live a frugal lifestyleEnjoy high levels of trust and communicationFor couples wanting to build a strong, lifelong partnership, trust and healthy communication about money and finances are definitely part of the picture. A big part of accomplishing this is simply being deliberate about money rather than making assumptions or letting things “just happen.” Service members and their families have unique resources available to them to help them manage their financial lives; with assistance, they can create a healthy financial partnership.Save the dates of our 3-part Family Finances Series which begins July 10 with a webinar on Separation & Single Parenting in the Military.References:Dew, J. (2008). Debt change and marital satisfaction change in recently married couples. Family Relations, 57(1), 60-71.Dew, J. (2011). The association between consumer debt and the likelihood of divorce. Journal of Family Economic Issues, 32, 554-564. doi: 10.1007/s10834-011-9274-zDew, J., Britt, S., & Huston, S. (2012). Examining the relationship between financial issues and divorce. Family Relations 61, 628-615. DOI:10.1111/j.1741-3729.2012.00715.xNational Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families. (n.d.) Strong families: Tips for healthy financial management.Skogrand, L., Johnson, A.C., Horrocks, A.M. et al. Journal of Family and Economic Issues. (2011) 32: 27. doi:10.1007/s10834-010-9195-2 Learn to budget and live within the family’s means: Gaining a basic grasp of how money goes in and out of the family and learning where to cut may seem basic, but it’s easy to put off or avoid. Apps and money management programs can help make this process easier.last_img read more

It’s a Great Deal

first_imgWhat makes something a “great deal?”It has something to do with price, but it surely is in price alone. You can buy a Nissan Versa for $13,990. It has a 109 hp engine, and a five-speed manual transmission. It comes with an AM/FM radio and a CD player, and it also has air conditioning. It is a great deal. But it’s not likely that you’re going to buy one. Why not? Because it’s not a great deal for you.A 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom goes for $470,295. It has a 12 cylinder engine. It has optional bespoke, leather trim  bucket seats. You can choose an optional rear seat lounge theater configuration with 12 inch monitors. you can also add a pen set to the glovebox. Or a humidor. It’s a great deal. But it’s not likely you’re going to buy one of these either. Why not? Because not a great deal for you.Too often, great deal means low price. But a great deal is really a combination of the price and outcomes. The Nissan Versa and the Rolls-Royce Phantom will provide transportation. Either one of them will get you from point A to point B, but the experience will be quite different from one to the other. This is as true for the things you buy as it is the things you sell.Your clients will always be able to acquire what you sell at a lower price. But that lower price is no indication by itself that your client got a “great deal.” The question that you need to ask clients who believe low price equals “great deal” is whether or not it is a great deal to give up some of the outcomes they need in order to pay a lower price.Your clients may also be able to easily obtain the outcomes you sell at a much higher price. But making a greater investment than is necessary doesn’t equate to a “great deal.” The question you need to ask clients in this category is whether or not gaining additional outcomes at the same price would be valuable to them.Value is in the eye of the beholder. You need to be a great deal at a price that allows you to profitably serve your clients.last_img read more

Chinmayanand case Cong slams UP govt questions PMs silence

first_imgNew Delhi: The Congress on Thursday accused the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh of supporting rape accused former minister Swami Chinmayanand and questioned the “silence” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and senior women leaders of the ruling party on no action against him. Congress spokesperson Sharmistha Mukherjee said by taking no action against the accused in the rape case it has become clear that the BJP is standing with Chinmayananda and is not inclined to provide justice to the victim, who has come out in the open with details of the crime. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details “This is a very serious issue. It has become very clear that this government has a very non-serious approach to tackle increasing crime against women. The government has a completely blind eye towards crime against women and they are instead protecting their leaders,” she told reporters, asking whether this case will also go the way the Unnao rape case has gone. Congress national secretary Pranav Jha also asked, “Will the prime minister take action against those committing crimes against women or remain silent and sidestep questions raised by the opposition.” Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday Mukherjee said Modi government is talking about ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ on one hand, while on the other hand it is “busy protecting those committing crimes against women”. She alleged that of the total budget allocated under the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ scheme, as much as 40 per cent has been spent on publicity and only 19 per cent has been released to states for distribution among the affected women. “This clearly shows this government is only for publicity rather than helping the women…The prime minister and the government are making fun of the people, are making fun of the women and they are making a fool of the people in the country,” Mukherjee said. “We would like to ask the government what concrete measures have they taken to ensure the safety and security of women in the country. What is the government doing to prevent crimes against women,” she asked. Another Congress leader Supriya Shrinate also asked why the senior women leaders in the BJP are silent on Chinmayanand case. She asked who is behind Chinmayananda and why he was not being arrested despite the victims making public the charges against him. Earlier Thursday, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also slammed the BJP government and the police in Uttar Pradesh over the Chinmayanand case, saying they were repeating the “negligence” shown and “protection” given to the accused in the Unnao rape case. Her allegations came a day after the student, who has levelled rape charges against former Union minister Swami Chinmayanand, threatened to set herself on fire if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader was not arrested immediately. The student also asked if the government was waiting for her to die even after her statement was recorded before a magistrate. The police had earlier registered a case of criminal intimidation and abduction on a complaint lodged by the student’s father. Later, the student, who studied in a college run by an organisation led by the BJP leader, also accused him of rape and “physical exploitation” for over a year. In the Unnao case, expelled BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar has been accused of rape by a 19-year-old woman.last_img read more

JammuNew Delhi Pakistan on Tuesday handed over t

first_imgJammu/New Delhi: Pakistan on Tuesday handed over to India the body of a Border Security Force (BSF) sub-inspector who had drowned in a river along the International Border in Jammu last week, officials said. The body of Paritosh Mandal was found “deep inside” the neighbouring country’s territory and the Pakistan Rangers informed the BSF about the recovery, they said. Mandal, 54, went missing in the Aik Nallah in Arnia sector on September 28 when he and two other troopers were patrolling along the India-Pakistan International Border.last_img read more