Penza: Red-hot Humboldt State men’s soccer deserve a warm welcome home

first_imgArcata >> To open the 2017 season, the Humboldt State men’s soccer team has traveled to Oregon, down to the Bay Area … and then back again just a few days later. Unlike a lot of other California Collegiate Athletic Association schools, the Jacks have only used their home field for training sessions and nothing more.That all changes today.And, with the arrival of Humboldt State’s first home game of the season this afternoon at 1 p.m. against Sonoma State comes a team playing as well as it has …last_img read more

Live updates: Warriors vs. Bucks, Friday at 6:30 p.m.

first_imgJoin us for live news and analysis Friday at 6:30 p.m. when the Warriors try to settle the score against the Eastern Conference power Bucks in Milwaukee.The Bucks (16-7) have the NBA’s third-best record heading into the game, including an impressive 134-111 win over the Warriors a month ago in Oakland. Milwaukee got 26 points from point guard Eric Bledsoe that night as Golden State saw its eight-game winning streak end. Stephen Curry also injured his groin in that game, which …last_img

Daffy Daffodil Darwinism

first_imgThe daffodil flower has an extra part.  This can only mean it evolved.  That’s what science reporters are saying, leading some readers to wonder how they got there from here.    Most flowers are made of petals, sepals, carpels and stamens, but the distinctive trumpet-shaped corona of the daffodil seems unrelated.  The BBC News began with a tame article that buried the E-word evolution in the text: “It’s the way novelties evolve in nature,” claimed Robert Scotland of the University of Oxford.  His team dissected bulbs looking for the developmental origins of the corona, and found that it develops later and independently of the four other flower parts.  “The evolution of novelty within such a highly conserved but diverse system is interesting,” Scotland continued.  “It’s part of understanding the natural world.  Whether that’s new species, new genera or just what the trumpet of a daffodil is.”  (Note: conserved means unevolved.)    By next day, the BBC News Wales was ready for a Darwin Parade, with Robert Scotland acting as Grand Marshall.  A video clip called the daffodil “an example of evolution in action,” putting the evil-lution in the pronunciation that Brits are wont to do.  After celebrating the daffodil as the national flower of Wales and praising its chemical extracts that help slow the progress of Alzheimer’s Disease, the narrator called the daffodil “a symbol of evolution as well as a symbol of Wales.”Did Robert tie the corona to a mutation?  No.  Did he identify a common ancestor?  No.  Did he explain how the corona produced better fitness?  No.  (No fair saying that it manipulated humans to plant more of them.)  Did he contribute to understanding the natural world?  You decide if this is understanding or evil-illusion.    Happy St. David’s Day anyway.  “Brothers be ye constant.  The yoke which with single mind ye have taken, bear ye to the end; and whatsoever ye have seen with me and heard, keep and fulfil.” – David, patron saint of Wales, March 1, 588.  Yes, brethren, bear the yoke of defeating dumb Darwinism with constancy.  For relief, search on Google or Bing for images of daffodils and resolve to plant some bulbs next fall.(Visited 29 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Kazaa Goes Legit – But It Will Fail

first_imgRelated Posts Tags:#news#NYT#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Not too long ago, after the demise of Napster, Kazaa became synonymous with P2P file sharing. After a number of costly lawsuits and failed attempts to appease the music industry, however, Kazaa shut down its P2P network. Tomorrow, however, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, Kazaa will rise from the ashes and begin its second life as a legal subscription download service. For $20 a month, users will be able to download an unlimited number of songs. These songs, however, will be DRMed and in the WMA format, which will probably spell doom for the service in the long run.A beta version of this service has been available for a while, but judging from today’s reaction, very few users were aware of it. $20 a month wouldn’t be a bad deal for unlimited downloads if the music wasn’t DRMed and if users were able to play them on their iPods. Given the competition that Kazaa is up against, we don’t see a bright future for the service.Trend: Illegal File Sharing Sites Go LegitThe interesting trend, here, though, is that a lot of companies and services that were previously known for being ‘illegal’ hubs for file sharing are now trying to go legit. Napster, the grandfather for Kazaa and most of its brethren, is now a respectable paid service, and the Pirate Bay may offer a legal version of its service soon. As Eric Pfanner pointed out in the New York Times, we are now getting to the point where using legal services like Spotify or Lala are actually so much more convenient than illegally downloading music. Given this trend, it makes sense for centralized services like Kazaa to slowly drift to a legal model. At the same time, decentralized file sharing options like BitTorrent, which don’t depend on a single company to work, will still continue to be popular. Chances are, though, that users will probably share less music through torrents over the next year or so, as more cheap and free options allow users to legally access music more conveniently. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img frederic lardinois Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Open-Source Social Network Elgg Launching Hosted Service

first_imgCognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Related Posts Tags:#enterprise#news#Products#saas klint finleycenter_img 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Curverider, the company behind the open-source social network Elgg, is launching a hosted enterprise social networking solution called The product, in private beta until September, will compete directly with other social enterprise vendors such as Socialtext, Yammer, and‘s Chatter.Curverider plans to distinguish in this quickly crowding market in a few ways – notably by using data portability to help customers avoid vendor lock-in – a major reason some enterprises have avoided SaaS solutions.Curverider is making data ownership and a control a priority. All data will be exportable, so businesses using could eventually migrate all their hosted data to their own Elgg servers or to a future product that might support importing from Elgg. Since the core Elgg software is open-source, enterprises could develop their own Elgg-based solutions, or potentially find other vendors using the software, even if Curverider were to shut the service down completely.Curverider is also hoping to compete on functionality and features. The company has been developing the the core Elgg software and creating custom implementations for six years and have built a robust, mature platform. The company is also planning on integrating its products with other enterprise software in future. However, features in this class of software are becoming quickly commoditized. Curverider will do well to emphasize their support and expertise over will offer a unique “per network” pricing model instead of per user or freemium pricing faces an uphill battle: the service will compete not only with established hosted services like Yammer and Chatter, but with self-hosted products like the well entrenchedMicrosoft Sharepoint. But’s openness and affordability, along with Elgg’s maturity and Curverider’s experience, could position the product for success.We interviewed Elgg’s David Tosh in 2008.last_img read more

On this day

first_imgOn this day, we are reminded of how our routines were disrupted and how we watched in horror–we knew that we would never be the same.In many ways, we are stronger. We also know we will never forget how our world was rocked, lives were lost, and sacrifices were made.No, we will never forget that day. And, on this September 11, like others in the past and others to come, we take extra moments of deep thought and gratitude for the continued services and sacrifices of our military and their families.last_img read more

Navigating the After Effects Secret Menu

first_imgDid you know that After Effects has a ‘secret menu’? In this post we’ll show you how to access this little known menu and modify it to fit your needs.Even if you are a skilled After Effects veteran you might be surprised to find out that there is a secret preference menu inside of AE.There are quite a few hidden treats inside of After Effects including a secret project, a mysterious sheep sound effect, and the cryptic Mask Embiggen effect. However, the only secret that actually serves a useful purpose is the secret menu. Let’s dive in…How to Access the After Effects Secret MenuWhile holding down “Shift” navigate to After Effects>Preferences>General. Click on ‘General’.Release the Shift key. You will now see the normal preferences with a new ‘secret’ category at the bottom of the Settings menu. Simply click on this ‘Secret’ category.What does the After Effects Secret Menu do?The settings are somewhat cryptic so lets break each one down….Disable Layer CacheWhen you RAM preview, After Effects not only renders out a preview-able video, but it also renders out information about each individual layer in the scene onto your memory (RAM). This is helpful because if you end up changing one layer and rendering again, theoretically it shouldn’t take as long.By selecting the checkbox next to Disable Layer Cache you are telling After Effects not to render out the information from each individual layer. This will lighten up your ongoing RAM load, but will result in each render taking longer (AE must rerender everything). It’s only advised to Disable Layer Cache if you’re working on a computer without a lot of RAM memory.Purge Every ‘X’ Frames During Make MoviePurging is the process of emptying your memory cache. By purging your RAM you will free up space for After Effects to do more rendering. By default, the ‘Purge Every X Frames During Make Movie’ is set to 0 (meaning it never happens), but if you move the slider you can change it to match your needs.For example, if you move your setting to 10, After Effects will empty the memory cache every time 10 frames are rendered. If your renders keep crashing you might want to start at a higher number like 15 and work your way closer to 1.Ignore Sequence Rendering Errors (Danger! Danger!)As the name implies, when you have the ‘Ignore Sequence Rendering Errors’ box checked After Effects will disregard errors during the rendering process. This can be helpful in some instances, like rendering image sequences, but it’s generally not a great idea to have this box checked. You can severely damage your computer’s hard drive, memory, and CPU by bypassing render errors.If you have any other questions regarding disk cache or rendering in After Effects, check out a few of the following resources:Clean Your After Effects Disk Cache – Creative DojoFree Up Inactive Memory – OSXDailyAfter Effects Secret Preferences – Sketchy PicturesDo you use any of these ‘secret’ After Effects settings? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more

Ruling LDF wins Pala bypoll

first_imgKottayam (Ker): The ruling CPI(M) led LDF won the byelection to Pala assembly constituency, wresting the seat from the opposition Congress led UDF. LDF candidate Mani C Kappen defeated Jose Tom Pulikkunel of the opposition Congress-led UDF in a closely contested fight. Kappen, leader of the Nationalist Congress Party, defeated Pulikkunel, a faction leader of the Kerala Congress (M) by 2,943 votes. Pala was a bastion of the Congress-led UDF, held by veteran leader and former Finance Minister K M Mani for the last five decades. The bypoll was necessitated due to the demise of Mani in April. The win has come as a huge relief to the LDF after its rout in the Lok Sabha polls. The bypoll was viewed as an acid test for UDF and the BJP headed NDA as a victory would have given boost to the three major combines prospects in the by-elections to five more assembly constituencies scheduled for October 21.last_img read more