Watch Warren Haynes Lay Down Some Serious Soul At Guitar Center

first_imgEver since Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth took a photograph in the studio together, Haynes has been on an absolute tear. His stripped down, folk-inspired 2015 release Ashes & Dust took the scene by storm (Read the review here), showing off another side to the venerated musician.Warren Haynes Talks Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule And MoreSplitting dates with his Ashes & Dust Band, Gov’t Mule and Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebrations must be quite the challenge; where does he find the time? Even more impressive, Haynes made a solo appearance on the acclaimed At: Guitar Center series, performing his Ashes & Dust track “Is It Me Or You?” at a Guitar Center.Watch the clip below, as premiered by Guitar World:[H/t Guitar World]last_img read more

Tedeschi Trucks Band Announces Performance On Historic Delta Blues Site

first_imgOn April 24th, the Tedeschi Trucks Band will perform an outdoor show at an incredibly historic location, Dockery Farms. Located just east of Cleveland, Miss., it was the home of blues pioneer Charley Patton, who taught locals including Howlin’ Wolf and Pops Staples. Dockery Farms is considered one of the holy sites of the Delta Blues and draws visitors from all over the world. The non-profit Dockery Farms Foundation is focused on preserving the historic property and facilitating public interest in its musical and agricultural heritage, and TTB’s visit is highly anticipated among fans.TTB is touring on the heels of their new album Let Me Get By, which was released in January. The Dockery show provides a rare example to catch the band in an intimate and historical setting. “This couldn’t come at a better time, soon after the release of the band’s latest album and at a time when they are playing to sold-out venues in Nashville, Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C.” said Carolyn Powers, co-chair of the Dockery Farms Foundation.Bill Lester, executive director of the Dockery Farms Foundation, added, “The Tedeschi Trucks Band is just on fire right now, and we expect a high level of excitement that they will be coming here to play.”More information and tickets are available on the Dockery Farms website.last_img read more

Celebrate Sly Stone’s Birthday With These Five Funk-Defining Videos

first_imgSylvester Stewart, also known as Sly Stone, celebrates his 72nd birthday today. The Family Stone frontman was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993 for leading the band in the development of soul, funk, rock, psychedelia, and even hip-hop in the ’60s and ’70s. Pioneers of their time, Sly and The Family Stone was the first major American rock band to have both men and women, defying the boundaries of gender expectations in the music industry.The group contained several family members and friends, fusing together the sounds of rhythm and blues with psychedelic melodies and a pop, soul, rock and roll hybrid that’s music has lasted years beyond the band itself. While only staying together from 1967 until 1983, Sly and The Family Stone successfully recorded five Billboard Hot 100 hits that made it to the top ten, and released four genre-defining albums that would heavily influence the sound of American popular music at the time.In celebration of Sly Stone’s birthday, and the undeniable footprint he’s left in the history of funk music, let’s take it back with these old school videos:“Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”“Stand!”“If You Want Me To Stay”“I Want To Take You Higher”“Dance To The Music”Happy Birthday, Sly!last_img read more

Tame Impala & Unknown Mortal Orchestra Bring Incredible Production And Music To The Greek

first_imgLoad remaining images Tame Impala took over the Bay Area this weekend with a pair of sold out shows at The Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley with Unknown Mortal Orchestra supporting on Friday and Saturday September 2 and 3.The Australian quintet with a penchant for psychedelics has been on the front edge of popularity across the world and with lead singer and guitarist Kevin Parker’s collaboration with Mark Ronson on “Daffodils”, that stock is ever increasing.Tame Impala is made of up of Parker, Jay Watson and Dominic Simper share synthesizer, guitar and vocal duties, Cam Avery on bass and vocals and Julien Barbagallo manning the drum kit as well as adding complex vocal harmonies.They are currently on tour for their third full-length album Currents and each week this summer has taken them to a different corner of the world, including a total of 12 stand-out appearances in the United States this summer. From a near-instant sell out of Red Rocks in Colorado, Project Pabst in the Pacific Northwest and a pair of shows at The Prospect Park Bandshell in Brooklyn, Tame Impala has been greeted with more than slightly enthused fans.One thing about having a highly technical stage production around subtlety nuanced psychedelia is that once you have got what you are going for, there isn’t much room to wiggle. Fans who made it a point to catch more than one of the band’s appearances throughout the summer would have most likely been treated to the same songs, most likely in the same order, too.However, the quality of production that Tame Impala put on was second to none and it was personally the most impressive combination of music and visual cues that I have witnessed since my virgin Red Rocks performance. Featuring Beats Antique opening for Primus’ Chocolate Factory show in the freezing rain, I didn’t have any other real or comparable benchmark for something of this caliber. It didn’t matter whether they played the exact same songs or not because against the moment, it was completely irrelevant.For many music fans that prefer to see a new set list every night and an ultimately unique experience, this might come as a disappointment; Unknown Mortal Orchestra also played it safe and stuck to what they had prepared, but they also were able to keep the crowd on their toes to some degree. But the best part of having your go-to routine down flawlessly, is that that you can execute it, flawlessly.The excitement in the crowd mixed with the back-to-school fervor of UC Berkeley. It was impossible not to walk by or against fraternity rushes and groups of freshman trying to decide where they needed to be. But as young as the evening was, there was still plenty of time for the main event on campus. By the time Unknown Mortal Orchestra took the stage (15 minutes early at 7:45PM), the entirety of the venue was nearly full and screaming.UMO, a cross-continental foursome between Oregon, USA and Auckland, New Zealand made up of Ruban Nielson, Jake Portrait, Quincy McCrary and Riley Geare, took control of the evening fairly easily, although for the first few songs they let the crowd think they were in charge by keeping the opening selections “From The Sun” > “How Can You Luv Me” on par with the majority of their shows.Three songs in, however, they let the Bay Area know they knew where they were and bobbed into an upbeat, fast paced take on the Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street”. The rail riders, comprised mostly of teen screamers dying for Tame Impala to grace their sightline, had no idea what was going on, but for the only instance the rest of the evening, they were drowned out.Watch the band’s music video for “Shakedown Street” below.“Thought Ballune” and older tune from 2011’s self-titled debut album Unknown Mortal Orchestra followed, with their latest single “The World Is Crowded” right behind it. They continued skipping between their albums, moving onto “So Good At Being In Trouble” from 2013’s II.There was a noticeable difference in song structure between each selection and the corresponding time period. In the newer song, “Crowded”, Nielson bounced around the stage in a very Prince-inspired manner with cleaner and crisper vocals and the song was upbeat and full. In contrast, the older songs featured heavily filtered vocals and a more punk rock sense of maddening melodies.“Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)” featured a killer keys solo at the song’s end. The lights went low save for a spot light on the McCrary, and the rest of the band bowed or took a knee. During the song “Stage or Screen”, Nielson climbed the lighting rig on the side of the stage, reaching a height of over 40 feet while his band and crew did their best to keep from panicking.They ended their hour long, 11 song set with their breakout single “Ffunny Ffriends” and two songs from their most recent release, 2015’s Multi-Love: the title track, and the single “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”. Easily the most impressive thing about UMO was their aloof presence on stage and how little it translated into an aloof selection of music. None of the songs sounded the same, and they touched on several genres that are not easy to extrapolate from. The vocals were overtouched for the most part, but the aesthetic played well with the music overall.But the main event, Tame Impala, was not, could not be overshadowed. Even before they took the stage, they were creating fevered excitement with their sound and sight engineers setting up the stage, all dressed in white lab coats. It’s safe to say Tame Impala uses mad science to craft their sound.Every time a mic was checked and a string was tuned or an image blasted on the backdrop, legions of screaming fans let loose. By the time Tame Impala took the stage and the lights went down for real at 9:15PM, the crowd was deafening and demanding.If you’ve been following them this summer, you already know that they opened with “Nangs” and slid into one of the most critically acclaimed songs of 2015, “Let It Happen”. It, obvious to those in attendance, means no less than 4 confetti cannons that pulsate metric tons of bits of paper into the sky. Just let it happen. Usually a display arranged for a finale of sorts, Tame Impala chose to open their show with at least an equal enthusiasm that they were receiving from the crowd.“Mind Mischief” melted into a tease of “Music To Walk Home By” before launching full force into the aching pair of “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?” and “Why Won’t They Talk To Me?” Parker took a break to address the crowd at this point, making sure that everyone was OK and asking how everyone was feeling before introducing “The Moment”.Parker’s sleeper hit “Elephant” barreled through the speakers next, followed by “The Less I Know The Better”. Technically the only cover of the evening, “Daffodils”, was the tenth song in less than an hour that the band hit on. Working with The Greek’s strict 11PM curfew, they were not taking many liberties with their time and keeping the songs relatively straightforward. There were extended intros and outros, but it was not until the next track, “Eventually” that they finally opened up a song and explored it from the inside out via an in the moment jam.A pair of tracks from 2010’s debut album Innerspeaker, “Alter Ego” and “It Is Not Meant To Be” were sandwiched around “Oscilly”, a non-specific noise track that is not featured on any official recording. Essentially, “Ocsilly” saw the band leave Parker alone onstage with a guitar and his back to the crowd. On the projector was an image that measured the harmonics of the notes being played. Parker ran through circles, flower of life interpretations and star patterns, all manipulated by the notes and tones he plays on his guitar, harmonious and discordant alike before the rest of the band returned for “It’s Not Meant To Be”.They closed their set with a spacey, ten minutes of noise around “Apocalypse Dreams”, eventually walking off the stage after setting down their instruments, still ringing and garnering a massive amount of feedback before the mad scientist engineers returned to the stage to assess the damage.Once the noise stopped and the engineers checked everything out, the band returned, drinking beer that tasted like vegemite and addressing the crowd. “We were out in Oakland last night,” said Parker. “We got pretty shitfaced, I didn’t think I was going to play the show tonight. You guys are better than painkillers.”For the encore, they chose the ultra-dreamy “Feels Like We’re Only Going Backwards” and “New Person Same Old Mistakes” to close the show, accompanied again by multiple blasts from their confetti cannons.The hype is real. Missing Tame Impala ought to be avoided at any cost.last_img read more

SiriusXM Jam ON Releases Broadcast Schedule For Suwannee Hulaween

first_imgThis weekend marks the exciting return of Suwannee Hulaween, coming to the Spirit Of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL from October 28-30. The festival has big plans for the weekend, including seven sets from hosts The String Cheese Incident and shows from groups like My Morning Jacket, Umphrey’s McGee, STS9, Greensky Bluegrass, The Motet, Snarky Puppy, and the newest jam super group Benevento, Russo & Burbridge.If you can’t make it down to Hulaween, fear not! SiriusXM Jam On will be streaming sets all weekend long, playing full audio from all of your favorite bands. Check out the full schedule below, and head to their site for more information.last_img read more

The Benevento Russo Duo Perform Their First Show In Six Years [Videos/Setlist]

first_imgWhen the lineup for Jam Cruise was announced, fans got the first glimpse into a potential reunion from the Benevento Russo Duo. The project was a staple of the early 2000’s jam scene, only recently taking a backseat as both members, Marco Benevento and Joe Russo, explored opportunities in their own careers. Part of that meant playing together as Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, and other parts saw the two musicians veer into unique projects like Furthur and, for Benevento, a flourishing solo career.Still, there’s always been an allure to The Duo. There’s something about the expressive potential of just piano and drums that has encouraged a jam scene following, and has propelled the two perpetrators onto an upward trajectory. Though the group hadn’t performed since 2010, there has been no shortage of requests for their reunion. It seems that now, and 2017 in general, is the time to rekindle that musical flame. The Duo is back!With three nights of Almost Dead in New York this week, and a headlining spot on Jam Cruise within a month, Benevento and Russo coyly revealed plans for a warmup “secret show” at Three’s Brewing in Brooklyn, NY. Perhaps it wasn’t so secret, since we (and other outlets) figured out the clues almost immediately, and the cascade of events left Three’s absolutely slammed with fans eager to catch The Duo’s reformed magic. There was no cover charge to enter, a fact that reminded fans of the band’s earliest days emerging in the New York scene. Naturally, with a capacity of less than 100 people, Three’s was mobbed from wall to wall. One could hardly enter the room, but the hot and sweaty ambiance only added to the magic of the evening.It was a show that felt like old times for the Duo’s faithful fans, as the band restored their original music with the newfound confidence of veteran musicians. The two mostly chose tracks from their two biggest albums, Best Reason to Buy the Sun (2005) and Play Pause Stop (2006), casting each tune into the exploratory realms for which they are known. They included “Big Whopper” from their 2003 album Darts, with a “Fire On The Mountain” tease nestled inside, as well as covers of Led Zeppelin’s “Four Sticks” and George Michael’s “Faith,” in honor of his recent death.You can watch some video clips from the show below. The Duo promised more performances to come in 2017, so get ready! You can see the setlist, below.Setlist: Benevento Russo Duo | Three’s Brewing | Brooklyn, NY | 12/27/16Set: Play Pause Stop, 9×9, Welcome Red, Walking, Running, Viking, Sunny’s Song, Soba, Echo Park, Four Sticks, Hate Frame > Something For Robots, Faith, My Pet Goat, Best Reason To Buy The Sun, Big Whopper, BeckyEncore: Mephisto[Cover photo by Mark Dershowitz]last_img read more

Two Years After Their First Shows, Dead & Co Will Return To The Garden A Band Evolved [Videos]

first_imgThis Sunday, November 12th, Dead & Company will begin their 2017 Fall Tour with their first of two shows at the storied midtown Manhattan oasis that is Madison Square Garden. Coming off an overwhelmingly well-received summer stadium tour, excitement is high for the latter-day Dead incarnation’s return to the World’s Most Famous Arena, where they played 2 of their first 3 (and 3 of their first 6) shows as a unit in 2015. When Dead & Company hits The Garden’s stage on Sunday, they’ll do so as one of the most successful touring acts in the world. However, when the band announced their first shows at MSG in 2015, they were met with decidedly more skepticism than excitement.Bob Weir And John Mayer Talk Dead & Co’s Beginnings And The Legacy Of The Dead In New InterviewFrom the moment the Dead & Company lineup was announced, the virtue of the project was debated by fans at excruciating length. One common gripe was how closely this new band followed summer 2015’s Fare Thee Well, a 5-show limited engagement billed, at least implicitly, as the end of the Dead’s story. Hundreds of thousands of people planned trips to catch the “final” Dead shows in Santa Clara and Chicago, which featured all four surviving original band members (Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, and Mickey Hart) as well as keyboardist Jeff Chimenti, pianist Bruce Hornsby and, finally, Phish frontman Trey Anastasio filling the vacant Jerry Garcia “role”. Many fans who shelled out big bucks to bid the band farewell felt as though the announcement of Dead & Company just one month later cheapened the finality and significance of the Fare The Well experience.Other fans were unhappy that Phil Lesh had been removed from the equation–although few were upset about the choice of former Allman Brothers Band bassist Oteil Burbridge as a replacement. But the main source of Deadhead outcry about Dead & Co centered around the new band’s choice of guitarist–a position previously filled by highly respected musicians like Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, John Kadlecik, Steve Kimock and, most recently, Anastasio, in other post-Jerry incarnations of the Dead…Dead & Company would feature…wait…John Mayer? Am I reading this right? That cocky pop-bro “Your Body Is A Wonderland” kid? The choice simply did not compute for many fans. Trey–the leader of his own religiously-followed band–had famously put himself through Grateful Dead “boot camp” to get ready for his 5-show run with the band at Fare The Well. Did Mayer even know who the Grateful Dead were? They’re not on pop radio, last time we checked…At the time, Deadheads’ knowledge about Mayer was largely confined to his bubblegum pop hits and his famously shitty attitude. How do you go from Trey Anastasio to John fuckin’ Mayer? How could the band let this uninitiated, outsider, mainstream asshole try to fill Jerry’s enormous shoes?Remembering John Mayer’s Trip Down The Grateful Dead Rabbit Hole [Videos]But despite reservations from many diehard fans, Mayer was serious about his new gig, and about the music that it aimed to celebrate. In an early Billboard interview, Mayer explained that he was late getting on the bus (he didn’t discover the band until a Pandora station played him “Althea” 2012), but instantly fell head over heels in love with the music and mythology of the band–a feeling virtually every Dead fan can understand. In the same piece, Weir claimed that Mayer was actually the driving force behind the band’s creation, explaining that the younger guitarist’s enthusiasm “was the cherry on the sundae that made this project look like a good idea.”The skepticism about Mayer began to dissipate as soon as the band began playing shows. Throughout their first few performances, reports started to surface about Mayer’s technical proficiency, colorfully passionate vocals, and Jerry-inspired riffing; about how he had clearly studied the material; about how visibly appreciative he was to be sharing the stage with these legendary musicians.Bob Weir & John Mayer Wish Each Other Happy Birthday In Adorable Instagram PostsThe third of three 2015 Dead & Company MSG shows took place two years ago today, and served as a sort of coming out party for the newly formed group: Thanks to a sponsorship from American Express, all of the seats for the show were distributed free of charge via lottery or, for those who happened to be walking by, via AmEx promo workers literally passing out stacks of tickets on 7th Avenue around showtime. Live video of the show was also streamed via the AmEx YouTube channel, giving the masses their first real taste of the new lineup, and their first solid evidence about its merit after months of heated debate. And while the show was far from perfect, it served as a sort of widespread “eureka” moment for Deadheads everywhere: Dead & Company was actually pretty good!You can watch full pro-shot footage Dead & Company’s 11/7/15 free show at Madison Square Garden (their 6th show as a band) below via YouTube user GratefuLSD:With multiple tours and scores of shows now under their belts, Dead & Company has vastly matured as a unit from that first run of dates. Their performances this past summer received consistently glowing reviews. They have delved ever-further into the Dead’s live catalogue, begun to settle oranically into their roles within the band. The group’s new blood has breathed palpable new life into the Dead’s classic compositions, and feels as though they’re only just starting to really hit their stride.Dead & Co Surprises Fans With Free Webcast Of Beautiful Blossom Show [Full Show Pro-Shot]In the time since those first MSG shows, Mayer has largely won over the reluctant Deadhead base. These days, the Trey comparisons tend to swing the other direction, with even the biggest Phish fans admitting that, “OK, Mayer may actually be a better fit (but Trey only prepared for 5 shows, and Mayer has been in this band for years now, so it’s apples-to-oranges, you know?)”, etc. Over the course of his tenure with Dead & Co, Mayer’s growth as an artist and as a person has been clearly apparent, and his genuine humility and gratitude toward his “dream job” and all that it entails has endeared him to the Dead’s famously stubborn fans. For now, it seems the group has no intention of slowing down. Mickey even recently hinted at potential plans for the group to hit the studio to record some new music together.John Mayer Uses Full Page In Billboard Magazine To Express His Gratitude To The Grateful DeadWatch full pro-shot footage of Dead & Company’s show at Blossom Music Centre on 6/28/17 to see how far they have come as a unit in their two years together:Dead & Company Kicks Off Final Run Of Summer Tour At Wrigley Field [Photos/Videos]In November, 2015, Dead & Company rolled into MSG with a chip on their shoulders, seeming like a poorly thought-out cash-grab playing to hopeful yet skeptical fans. Today, two years later, they’re one of our favorite bands on the road, and we’re genuinely excited to follow their latest tour.Thank you…for a real good time.For a full list of upcoming Dead & Company Fall 2017 tour dates, head to the band’s website.[Cover photo courtesy of Phierce Photo by Keith G., Instagram: @phiercephoto]last_img read more

PHOTOS: Boombox Tears Up Brooklyn Bowl Over Thanksgiving Weekend, 11/24/2017

first_imgBoombox | Brooklyn Bowl | New York, NY | 11/24/2017 | Photo: Chris Capaci The electronic-infused, improvisation-heavy psychedelic rock duo, Boombox, hit New York City’s Brooklyn Bowl on Friday night, making for a stellar night of music to cut through the Thanksgiving haze of the night prior. The group’s down-tempo and slinky tunes had the entire crowd grooving, highlighting the project’s emphasis on danceability and penchant for reading a crowd. You can check out photos from Boombox’s Brooklyn Bowl show on November 24th, 2017 below, courtesy of Chris Capaci. Photo: Capacity Imagescenter_img Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Sonic Bloom Announces Initial 2018 Lineup With Shpongle, Keys N Krates, & More

first_imgHitting The Unified Field in Spanish Peaks Country, Colorado, the annual Sonic Bloom festival has revealed their initial lineup. Held from June 14-17, the new announcement sees Shpongle (Simon Posford DJ Set featuring live visuals by Android Jones), Keys N Krates, Nightmares on Wax (Live Band), Liquid Stranger, and EOTO all headlining the festival.The full lineup is stacked full of boundary-crossing artists on the threshold of live and electronic music. Artists like Break Science, Desert Dwellers, Dirtwire, Thriftworks, BUKU, Yheti, Charles the First, Vibesquad, Maddy O’Neal, Toubab Krewe, Earthcry, and more will all be performing.Check out the full lineup below, and head to the festival’s website for further details!last_img read more

Tribute To Led Zeppelin & P-Funk Announced For Late Night Show During Jazz Fest

first_imgNew Orleans during Jazz Fest provides the ultimate platform for artists to pay tribute to their favorite bands, musicians, and songwriters. The city is hallowed grounds for any musician, as it is ground zero for jazz, funk, and the improvisation that acts as the core of today’s live music scene. For Michelangelo Carubba, drummer in the power-funk group Turkuaz, the impetus to pay homage to his influences while in New Orleans was so strong that, instead of picking between his favorite bands, he decided to pay tribute to two of them at once! Z-Funk: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin & Parliament Funkadelic will feature unique arrangements of songs by Led Zeppelin and P-Funk, with an all-star band that features some of the best and funkiest players he could find. Z-Funk will take place on Sunday, April 29th (technically early AM 4/30) immediately following Aaron Johnston‘s electronic improvisation project, J.E.D.I. (Jazz Electronic Dance Improvisation) at the same venue, Maison on Frenchmen Street.For this special performance, Carubba will be joined by pedal steel master Roosevelt Collier and guitar prodigy Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, who will team up to form a high-octane dual-guitar attack. Steve Swatkins of Allen Stone‘s band will be on keys, and will surely make use of his talkbox skills as well. Rob Walker, bassist from The Main Squeeze, will hold down the low end, while Carubba’s partner in Turkuaz, Shira Elias, will provide vocals. Finally, Snarky Puppy‘s Mike “Maz” Maher and Chris Bullock will provide some much-needed brass on trumpet and saxophone, respectively.With so many amazing songs in each band’s repertoire, the night will surely feature hit song after hit song. Carubba has proven himself as a uniquely motivated bandleader, concocting many special tribute shows in New York City, Colorado, and elsewhere over the past few years. He has promised to have a few tricks up his sleeve for this show, and by leaning on the catalogs of Led Zeppelin and P-Funk, has crafted the perfect way for those in attendance to close out weekend one of the marathon that is New Orleans Jazz Fest.Carubba, for one, is excited to bring this concept to life, telling L4LM:“Both bands hit hard. Both bands hit on the one a whole lot. That’s funky to me. That’s funky to everyone whether they know it or not. John Bonham knew. People consider him a rock drummer, but that’s a funky mother f*cker. So we’re gonna be on the one all night long. And this band I assembled is truly great.”Tickets for this show are on-sale NOW at this link. For full information on this show, including the show art from Jimmy Rector (@jimmyrector), see below._____________________________________________________________“The Z-Funk Show is sponsored by Denver-based company, Pure CBD Exchange, which creates and sells a number of CBD/cannabidiol products (What is CBD?) from concentrates, tinctures, extracts, lotions, creams, and more. The use of CBD has gained much notoriety as of late, for use as both a health and wellness supplement and to treat conditions such as epilepsy, PTSD, cancer and a number of mental disorders and is also used for anti-inflammation, nausea reduction, sleep aid, and more. Pure CBD Exchange was co-founded by Gregg Allman Band organist/keyboardist Peter Levin back in 2017.Pure CBD Exchange focuses on low-THC cannabis products with high CBD content. We work within the Colorado Industrial Hemp pilot program to distribute non-psychoactive tinctures, extracts, lotions, and more all over the world. The company has featured by companies like VICE, High Times, Leafly, and more.”–SHOW INFO–Date: Sunday, April 29th, 2018 (technically early AM April 30th)Time: Doors – 1:30 am // Show – 2:00 amArtist: Live For Live Music Presents: Z-Funk: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin & Parliament Funkadelic feat. Michelangelo Carubba & Shira Elias (Turkuaz), Roosevelt Collier, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, Steve Swatkins (Allen Stone), Rob Walker (The Main Squeeze), and Mike “Maz” Maher & Chris Bullock (Snarky Puppy)Venue: Maison – 508 Frenchmen St., New Orleans, LA 70116Tickets: 24-hour Early-Bird pre-sale running NOW – $20 GA / $40 VIP //  General Admission – $25 / VIP – $45 (VIP ticket gains access to VIP balcony, private bar and expedited entry into the venue) — [Buy Tickets]last_img read more