Jiangmen started to inspire the star incubator base camp

society established business incubators for the majority of entrepreneurs to carry out entrepreneurial activities is very helpful, but in such an era of entrepreneurship, Jiangmen is also the first to build a business incubator base camp.

7 10, Jiangmen hi tech Zone and Tsinghua Science and Technology Park Star signed a framework agreement. Enlightenment star (Jiangmen) incubator base officially launched, marking the Jiangmen high tech Zone and the cooperation of the stars of enlightenment a substantial step forward. read more

Henan heavy rain continued to start the province’s flood emergency response

a period of time before a lot of heavy rainfall in the region, resulting in a lot of serious waterlogging in the region, causing serious damage to the local property and people’s lives. This time, according to the meteorological department forecast, Henan heavy rain continues to madness, the province launched a flood emergency response level III. The northern part of Henan Province, central, Western and southwestern heavy heavy rain, heavy rain in some areas.

rainstorm center is located in Linzhou, Anyang, Huixian, Xixia. The maximum point rainfall of Linzhou Donggang rainfall station, up to 607 mm, 300~400 mm of rainfall in the province a total of 17 sites in Anyang City, the highest average rainfall of 112 mm. read more

What are the operating skills of hot dumplings shop

is also set up shop business, some shops booming business, and some shops are cold, which is the difference. If you want to improve the operating status of their own shops, naturally need to learn from experience. So, what is the business of the dumpling shop business skills? Let Xiaobian introduced through a shop.

do southerners like dumplings? The answer cannot be totally negative. Where is the best place to make money? Of course, there is more traffic. From the northeast to the old Lee family and relatives rate a total of 13 people, opened a North dumpling restaurant in Zhejiang NingBo Railway Station next to a monthly income of more than one hundred thousand, so they are how to manage the dumplings? The operation method of their three measures: read more

3 years of college graduation diploma greedy master is terrible

is a common family culture of a university student is not a simple thing, a certificate is also of great help for the day after work. 3 years of college graduation certificate of this kind of thing is that people can not accept, and Xiao Zeng met such a ridiculous event.

years after graduation, to know their diplomas forged, Xiao Zeng encountered such a ridiculous thing, it is understood that the suspect is a teacher Xiao Zeng pocketed tuition and do card to deceive her, at present, Xiao Zeng has an alarm, police said, has been waiting for the students and filing acceptance, the school provides further evidence, once perfect evidence investigation immediately. read more

The road to entrepreneurship for a disabled person

is not really the deterioration of physical deformity, psychological health is the biggest problem, although some people with healthy limbs but did not the ability to create the life you want, there are people with disabilities but although tenacious struggle with fate, and eventually become the big winner in life, want to say today is such a a disabled but their entrepreneurial success story of people.

2000 in September, I was, my father gave me in the street not far from my house to 3500 yuan a year rent a facade, the master gave me a repair tool, then my business really started. read more

Suining home business plan to return to the initial results of three people

entrepreneurship is not only in the big cities have the opportunity of development, with the development of urban and rural economic integration, the rural areas have access to many opportunities. Ministry of human resources and social organizations have been in the implementation of key groups of entrepreneurial services, now choose to return home business, you can enjoy more entrepreneurial related help.

11 16, reporters from Suining city and Social Council learned in the multiple positive factors and supportive policies to promote, strengthen the "Suining goose economy" development. Over the past three years, the city of Suining cited a total of ten thousand people returning home, driving nearly forty thousand people to work, the economic output value of 2 billion 989 million yuan. read more

What better to sell stall

believe that the public is no stranger to the stall, whether it is the city or township, it has a certain presence in the market. The stall is also a low-cost investment to make money business, if you want to invest in the stall business, choose what investment projects better? Xiaobian finishing a few points, I hope to help you, to learn it quickly.

read more

Seven kinds of people who will never succeed

everyone wants to make money when they start a business, but some people do not make money. Facts have proved that not all people are suitable for entrepreneurship, some people because of personality and other aspects of the restrictions are not suitable for entrepreneurship, these people mainly have the following seven.

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