Clearly the details make a wonderful plan for turning the retail store

retail does not change, there is no future

in recent years, recession entity retail sales fell significantly, traditional stores become "showroom" dressing room, even if the business flow, no improvement.

retailers have layout online, seeking the path of the Internet transformation, however, most of the current solutions are cumbersome structure, complex operation, businesses can not afford.

currently, many businesses rely on third party platform online, such as Jingdong, Taobao, etc.. Subject to the rules of the platform at the same time, but can not get stability, own passenger, was led by the nose.

so, businesses must be self-sufficient, build their own O2O platform. Through online and offline physical stores to provide consumers with a more intimate, more convenient consumer experience, really improve customer stickiness.

micro three cloud launch line multi store system, the store light O2O solutions, the line entity + online drainage + share the economy, to help businesses quickly layout online channels, upgrade consumer experience.

different business times have different business forms, the way merchants attract passenger flow is not the same.

It combines the

comprehensive economic model to share the current hot, complete and diversion line, more precipitation user resources than the traditional O2O platform, platform, businesses, users "data for cash".

users concerned about the platform, only through the LBS positioning can quickly find nearby stores for consumption, complete online to store drainage. To provide users with convenient shopping experience, the continuation of the advantages of the retail entity.


secondly, combined with the situation of the retail entity, not only supports the user to pay online, but also to store payment. At the same time, the user can choose the actual situation of delivery, door-to-door or home from mentioning.

‘s biggest bright spot is that each settled merchants have an independent two-dimensional code, used to attract fans, fans and stores lifelong binding relationship. Users in the consumer, but also access to rewards. There is a stable relationship between the customer and the sales performance, and then completely get rid of the traditional offline retail entities can not precipitate the problem of tourists.

it is worth noting that the store needs to expand its business model, by increasing the experience function, precision marketing, customization, etc., to seize the electricity supplier and the traditional retail industry, the cross zone". Explore self, enhance the control of the channel and brand, thereby enhancing the ability to control the market.


market, business model since the rules have changed, no longer clinging not immutable and frozen, the traditional business model, the mainstream retail business entities also must follow the format change quickly follow, and do practical basis of management innovation, bold fusion of the internet.


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