China domain name registration credit crisis highlights

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Chinese domain name registration service level is uneven, individual services are not standardized, industry credit crisis phenomenon, in July 24th, more than 40 Chinese domain name registration services in Beijing jointly signed the "Internet address registration services industry self-discipline convention".

this is so far China’s Internet address resources, the first industry self-regulation convention.

in recent years, the rapid growth of China’s domain name registration services and has made great achievements, but there are also violations of individual registration service agencies. This time to participate in the signing of more than and 40 Registration Services announced eight solemn commitment to the community, including not to mislead users registered Internet addresses, telephone, fax, mail, do not abuse the harassment user user complaints volume, user hurt violations.

insiders pointed out that the signing of the self-discipline convention is the main purpose of the fight against violations, protect the interests of users. The major registration agencies unanimously recommend China Internet Network Information Center for the implementation of the Convention’s regulatory agencies, the implementation of the supervision of the registration service provider.

the signing of the registration service agencies accounted for 2 of the country’s registered service institutions / more than 3, the domain name has accounted for more than 90% of the total number of domain names. There are a large number of registered service agencies around the country said it would subsequently join the self-discipline convention.

it is understood that the COM domain name, the domain name also exit was first incorporated into the category of self-discipline, lack of supervision and management in the COM domain name confusion will also be effectively controlled, eliminating the foreign domain name system in the domestic blank management.

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