Analysis of industry website promotion method

rapid development of the Internet industry, the Internet contains huge business opportunities, so that a large number of companies together with the influx of increasingly fierce competition, the achievements of a continuous Internet giant, of course, there was a large group of small shrimp, they can only accept the fate of being devoured. The nature of the survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest laws also exist on the Internet, and the key to success lies in the technical team have the sense of innovation, clear profit model and strong capital.

and when a small site in the process of growing up, the network is the key to the success or failure of the key to success, below my zipper industry ( promotion as an example.

first for zipper industry website such a service platform, the main object of promotion is of course related to the zipper industry business people, so some of what the QQ group promotion and email marketing is basically can not, because it can not play what role. The longest way is to use soft Wen marketing, and soft marketing is divided into forum marketing and blog marketing, there is a big difference between the two.

forum marketing: in fact, to the major forum to post, reply. Now the weight of good forum will not allow you to advertisers, so only is not left to send sound. Find a good variety of theme articles, the theme of the forum to the corresponding sections of the forum, do not send the contents of the car in the car on the woman, so even if your content is good will be deleted. After selecting the article is inserted in the text of the text (tracing text: refers to the link with the text, the text is the key to the contents of the linked page), that is, zipper industry network. The text of the article is generally 3 to 5. In addition to pay attention to is: do not look at the text font color and other text is the same, otherwise it is easy to be found by the forum administrator. In addition to post, reply to someone else’s theme is also a way to bring their own signature in the signature of the site and links, you can go back to the.

blog marketing: as the name suggests is to send articles in the blog, the quality of the article only to the original content of the site. Send an article on the zipper industry, which has a zipper industry in China, this text can be traced, or with a web site links to a page content. The blog itself can also be linked to their own web site, a few blogs can also link to each other. But each link should pay attention to the contents of several blogs can not be exactly the same. The other is the development of the blog, mainly to increase the popularity of the blog to visit someone else, leave a footprint, others will be polite return.

             : soft Wen promotion; write text or reference articles, which cleverly add your own web site, achieve good promotion effect, is soft promotion with less investment, to attract potential consumers eye, increase >

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