China Wang Qiang talk about exposure, visibility, loyalty is three degrees of website operation

exposure, visibility, loyalty can be said to be a measure of the depth of the site operators, but also the stage of the operation of the site objectives:

1 exposure: also known as the exposure rate, the initial site operators, the site must be exposed to the target " " user groups, allowing users to understand the positioning of the website, the website can provide what services for the promotion, the most important, no matter what kind of marketing strategy and promotion means, the purpose is to let people know, this time all the promotion and operation methods should also consider the site of exposure, due to the beginning of the website construction, website operation strategy in all aspects there are still a lot of room for improvement, this period is also to obtain user feedback and personalized needs of the new period; the competitiveness of 08 years in February launched a comprehensive leading network marketing the scheme contains the effect of network marketing oriented full network marketing website system, with its excellent website optimization effect, make your site earn Sufficient natural flow, make enough exposure rate;

2: well-known sites after exposure promotion after a period of time, this time, to make the target customers of the website basically feel "faces", and this time is to win the user the most critical period, the visibility of whether you can get the consolidation and expansion of this period is the most important, the key as web site operators is to be placed on the website of the "practicing internal strength", the main content, function and Strategy: from three aspects, that is: to attract users with high quality content, with interactive applications in user high viscosity, with the incentive policy to effectively encourage users, word-of-mouth plus users through these three aspects "practicing internal strength", open the web site’s popularity; comprehensive leading network marketing scheme which is based on the analysis of competitive environment and user behavior analysis to develop targeted website Content strategy and website promotion plan system network marketing target to make your site to keep exuberant vitality, ahead of peers, to consolidate and expand the popularity of the website;

3: loyalty site in open visibility, then illustrates the website operation is relatively mature, into the stable development period, the main focus should be placed on the web site user loyalty, loyalty is simply the user to give you, give up your user loyalty condition is high, give up your user loyalty bottom conditions at the end, that is to say high loyalty users give up you must pay a higher price (including the actual loss and psychological), and low loyalty users can easily give you a little force, you can immediately give up, no worries.

loyalty seems to be the user to do multiple-choice questions, between you and others to make a choice between the site, in fact, is the result of competition for each site. This time not only to be in the customer site, but also to do to improve user satisfaction, satisfaction high loyalty naturally high, high loyalty, will naturally generate word-of-mouth effect, this virtuous cycle, this is the highest level of the website operation. Comprehensive leading network marketing programs in the site traffic analysis and recommendations of the report and the integrity of the "web site operations management standards,"

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