The emergence of human flesh search engines show terrible power network

what is human flesh search?

Google: human flesh search behavior and tattoos, whitening, skin care, slimming effect directly in the flesh on the. As the name suggests, the human search is the use of modern information technology, the traditional network information search to find people who have asked people, touch people, people, people, people suffer relational network community activities of people, for people to ask questions, the eight Party response variable query process boring, a stone Melaleuca aroused wave, call awakened humanity million heart search experience. Human flesh search can not only reveal the truth behind a certain door in the shortest time, for a three a seven public recognition to find the moral position, but also can not touch the network in place, to explore and discover the most beautiful jungle girl, the most touching Alpine herdsmen, the most mysterious desert cave, the most romantic love encounter…… The pursuit of the highest goal is: not for the best, but the most meat.

The origin of

human flesh search engine

two years ago, netizens from one small to keenly aware of the "human flesh search" engine power.

many people know there is a China called forum, popularity is very busy. Tiny is a loyal user of this forum from 2001 to 2004. In my impression, the human search engine concept should come from

like many forums, above also often asked this question of the problem. At the same time a virtual currency called Mp, people often ask questions Mp will be used to reward those who can help them. Although Mp can’t eat or drink, but still a lot of people addicted to earn more Mp (note two). Those who used to earn Mp by answering questions in the are generally referred to as a bounty hunter.

so interesting scene appeared, someone needs to solve a problem, in the post and Xu and a certain number of Mp as a reward. Soon, there will be a bounty hunter to see this post, they will to use search engines to find the answer to the problem, then to find the answer to fall over each other in their posts. Finally, the question of who get the answer, bounty hunter got Mp to the satisfaction of all. This also forms the so-called human flesh search engine mechanism. Interestingly, we can find the distributed search and search engine search process flow of the human flesh search engine among different servers looks so similar, the only difference is that the launch and implementation process is human or machine.

record "our strength is very strong"

"cat abuse incident", "Western undefeated in a fans forum found a ID" Gainmas ", then Gainmas is a cat abuse one of the suspects. A silver 2003 Premarin, No. A2F782. This car preema photos immediately posted online. There are a number of reporters went to Hangzhou investigation, confirmed that the car as the cat all suspect Gainmas. Then shortly after six days, the cat will be locked in the video of the three suspects.

Southern China

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