O2O false prosperity three characters a play, wool out of the dog, pig pay

Abstract: the effect of

on the winter capital venture capital also holds two kinds of attitude, optimistic that the winter comes, angel investors become more cautious, there will be a number of more high-quality O2O project pessimists think, talent shows itself; O2O has been settled, the new venture is very difficult to turn big waves, "was acquired" the way is good ending.


Wangjing and Zhongguancun, located in the northeast of Beijing, located in the northwest direction, is located in the North Fourth Ring at both ends of the whole city. One is a large gathering of South Korean citizens in Beijing, one is the reputation of the high-tech Development Zone, in the past six months, the two places where the wind and horses are not, in a wonderful way associated with.

started Inno Way, finally Inno Way.

Zhongguancun Venture Street North and south end of each a "Inno Way" statue, this is the Zhongguancun venture street name English. Know the name "inno way server" users reply to users questions that the name comes from the word "innovation", English for reform and innovation, in addition to split into "inno way" can also be interpreted as "entrepreneurship, snatched from the jaws of death".


can make nothing of it but it snatched from the jaws of death, less than 300 meters long street, it is now many entrepreneurs hope. In late October, a new round of innovation and entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun season is in full swing.

"code sweep street" is located in Wangjing Fu Xi Road, Wangjing and SOHO across the street here, white-collar intensive, since June the cause of O2O enterprise to push this year gathered here to fame.

"this year when the summer heat of the most recent cold weather, not before the stall." The staff whispered a restaurant beside the street, just four months time, "sweep street" has experienced the development process of parabolic type, the heat has now than two months ago.

two different blocks, but also reflects the current status of the development of entrepreneurship.

two street boom

in late October, Beijing has less than 50 meters in late autumn, Wangjing "code sweep street", to push them to attract passers shout as one falls, another rises. A folding table, a few boxes full of gifts, is a simple push stalls, stalls around each side, holding a mobile phone in the scan code of the passers-by.

O2O overall situation has been set up this year, O2O venture capital investment is getting harder and harder." Venture capital circle co-founder, CTO Wang Ruoyu told die Zeit reporter, and regardless of the impact of the capital of the winter on the entire entrepreneurial circles, occupation sweep yards street O2O indeed ushered in the winter.

at the same time, Zhongguancun, in the northwest of the city, was renamed the Zhongguancun Venture Street in June last year, less than 300 meters long

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