Daily topic Ali was Ctrip Ctrip Travel The hotel market dispute renewed

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 30th news, on Friday (November 27) broke the news that Ctrip elong, where orders for operation in Ali travel vendors on the platform take blocked, then Ali responded that there are lots of hotel platform received from Ctrip party warning.

broke the news as follows: if there is a supplier to do ah or Ali, the three platforms simultaneously terminate cooperation with this supplier. Found once, warning, second ban for 3 months, the ban for the first half of third. At the same time welcomed the report between suppliers, found that a ban.

Ali travel, said: Recently, Ali travel platform informed many hotel partners received a warning from Ctrip, there are a few hotels forced to withdraw from the Ali travel platform. Ali travel did not confirm this behavior, is the overall decision Ctrip official, or the hotel sector policy, or its own specific business team selection. However, Ali travel is not willing to participate in the team’s malignant behavior in forcing businesses to.

Ali was the main reason for the industry Ctrip Ctrip blocked many aspects. Insiders analysis, first of all, from Ctrip, a move aimed at training". Ctrip has old rival elong, where each income under the command, but Ctrip worry about internal breeding inertia, outward attack to increase staff motivation, while at the same time to strengthen the control of the supplier.

Ali travel further said that the hotel industry is facing economic adjustment caused by cold, but also bear the hardships of its transformation and upgrading. The traditional mode of OTA cement plus mouse ", and not to the Tradition Hotel industry to bring energy and vision of the Internet; the high commission, and repeatedly forced the team’s business behavior, will only make the hotel especially single hotel situation so as to hurt the vigour and one disaster after another, the fundamental industry. Ali will be able to travel to the potential of the Internet business, relying on Ali great ecological, help the hotel industry upgrade transformation.

Ali travel clear point, Ctrip’s position appears somewhat ambiguous, Ctrip said respect for supplier selection of business, it is also noted that Ctrip, eLong, where to go for independent companies, seems to deny the joint ban charges.

Internet watchers Lu Zhenwang said, overall, relying on the powerful Alibaba Taobao, Tmall and Alipay traffic entrance, once developed, will be a threat to Ctrip monopoly. Ctrip choose this means, undoubtedly reasonable.

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