nventory electricity supplier two most violent price war conflict with suppliers



this half year, we experienced electricity supplier price war

less than 6 months, the business enterprise has staged two price war, a history in the largest range of price war, another is the highest momentum is the highest price war boos.

we take inventory of the two appeared this year can be recorded in the history of the development of the electricity supplier price war is not difficult to find, the protagonist is relatively fixed, the Jingdong, Suning, Tmall, Amazon Chinese, hopes to follow the trend of dipping in supporting "".

although electricity supplier in such a high-profile and frequent price war parties mixed, but one had to agree: regardless of the initiator and the process of how this price war really stimulate consumption. This is more than the government departments to introduce subsidies to stimulate consumer spending is more simple and direct.

price war is the market, take the price offensive but also commercial enterprises gain a firm foothold in the market rule. With this, we go back and forth at the same time, it should be a rational view of the so-called most fierce price war, the lowest network and other promotional gimmicks.

our inventory this year two great in strength and impetus of the price war, trying to find the price war behind the fog, more interesting things.

Chinese commercial news reporter Wu Wenzhi / Wen Jiao Jian / drawing

The breakdown of

electricity supplier in the history of two times the most violent price war


for the first time this year launched a price war

suning.com announced plans to invest 1 billion yuan special offer goods and billions of profits to the limit.

April 16th

Amazon China announced the largest in the history of the largest participation in the promotion of the brand, hundreds of thousands of goods fell by an average of over 30%.

April 23rd

Tmall subsidy 200 million yuan to support businesses in the history of the largest price war to maintain a low price advantage.

May 7th

suning.com invested 2 billion yuan and 400 million yuan on the amount of special offer goods. Jingdong mall invested 500 million yuan for home appliance sales promotion.

May 8th

– (micro-blog) announced the investment of $300 million in profits to the limit to join the price war.

May 14th

dangdang.com announced to launch this year, the largest one in the history books none other activities, follow up "the most fierce price war".

May 23rd

Suning started the whole network parity activities for a period of one month, if consumers find suning.com prices than similar website, will return the difference. At the same time, the power line.

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