How to choose Google advertising rankings

1 home display box home bid

try to make their ads displayed on the first page, page second, and after the search results page views relative home page will be much lower, the click rate will be much lower, the ranking will help ensure the advertising opportunities in the home, also helps to make the Google system in a short period of time to make our advertising performance evaluation.

if you want to ensure that advertising home display, advertising position is the bottom line on the right side of the seventh, although the eighth is on the first page, but the Google will randomly ad in advance of a wrong position and a place to show, there will be a certain probability, the ads on the seventh place is conducive to ensure the rate of home display advertising.

Google to set up a standard for the home page display bid, that is, the home bid, in 2008, the use of this Google home bid instead of the original minimum bid. Home bid is the Google we estimate the minimum amount of advertising will be placed on the home page, it is associated with the following two factors:

competitive intensity, the number of our competitors as well as their bid

our quality score

can be seen from the above, if we want to reduce our home bid, and then reduce the actual click cost, so there are two paths you can go, one is to find the intensity of competition is relatively small, such as variant, long tail; another is to improve the quality score of account, so you can take a lower price row on the home page.

on the front page display, some people will have such doubts, is our advertising does not show on the home page, search a user only open home, this time, the exhibition room would be included in our click rate, the answer is no, as long as our advertising does not show, it will not affect our advertising the click rate value, but even so, the outside ranking hits are often very low.

2 screen display

is a term in the newspaper, called "Above the Fold", refers to the line on the part of the newspaper, the newspaper in the newspaper on the table when the newspaper sales, is the first to see the part of the reader, pictures and text content of this part is the most important, it can be decided whether or not to buy the whole newspaper readers.

search engine advertising is different from the newspaper, but it also has "on line", most of the display screen are not able to display a complete search results page, often can not fully display ads all right, at this time, some advertisements need to search the user to scroll down a scroll bar to see this. Located in the "on line" the ads below although the system will increase their impressions, but in fact the user scroll before is not shown to us, can be viewed as an invalid display, it will.

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