Network marketing the flow into business opportunities

if there is such a machine, it is like a cow, eat grass, squeezed out of milk, and the conversion rate is higher than the cows, then I guess no one to raise a cow.

according to statistics Chinese Internet twenty-first development show that China enterprise website has been close to 1 million, has been carried out over the network marketing business is more than 120, which is the most small and medium sized enterprises. Throughout the past two years, the development of China’s network marketing, we will find that the traditional definition of marketing and network theory has been difficult to apply to the rapid development of the market. The traditional enterprise network marketing in the rapid implementation of the mature, the kind of comprehensive attack, aimless, regardless of the cost of network marketing has gradually been abandoned by mature enterprises.

generally speaking, small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing, its purpose is to spread the enterprise and product information, to capture the target customers, get more business opportunities, and ultimately promote product sales and market. Although the network marketing functions, it can also provide services for the enterprise brand communication, customer service, market research and marketing strategy, but for small and medium-sized enterprises, that is not the point, the core of the enterprise network marketing is still selling.

numerous enterprise network marketing success stories can prove that the use of network marketing to expand sales is feasible. Network marketing is to help enterprises to establish a new sales platform, one by one flow into a new business opportunities, the process of new customers. The core of network marketing is to solve the problem of flow and transformation.

now the mainstream network marketing products on the market, in essence, is to provide access to services for smes. Such as online advertising, search search, address bar search, advertising alliance, mail advertising, etc..

traffic has, but also to turn them into business opportunities meaningful. From traffic to business opportunities, the need is a conversion process. Transformation is the only way to generate business opportunities, through various means to promote the site visitors to take the next step of the process. Visitors to the action of the carrier, it is a variety of transformation tools, such as online messages, online shopping, user registration, online negotiations, etc..

for different types of enterprises, the need for transformation tools have focused. For example, consumer goods retailers, they favored the use of online orders to get customers, and focus on customer evaluation; and like industrial products, raw materials manufacturers, wholesalers, they hope to target customers can directly call or message for consultation, and some online discussion tools can also help enterprises to establish a long-term and effective communication with the target customer.

successful network marketing must be based on high conversion rate. The effect of flow conversion, directly affect the enterprise to carry out network marketing roi. To improve the conversion rate of network marketing, we need to do a good job of site optimization, rational use of conversion tools, the establishment of an effective evaluation mechanism, etc..

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