Arts and crafts industry how to conduct network marketing

in the handicraft industry, more and more people are talking about network marketing, even in Antique City stall of the old man has its own mailbox, more and more enterprises engaged in the network, although there is a large company, but there is also a small business trail, more and more books and articles on the study of network marketing techniques and methods, the bookstore on the marketing of books on network marketing put most eye-catching, more and more consulting, marketing company solemn to the enterprise create marketing programs, almost all in a notch like that, in the whole network is becoming more and more important for commercial activities.

so, what is network marketing? Enterprise site enterprises will have their own plan, SEO is this the most, the most widely circulated skills of marketing, and mail and blog marketing is in its infancy, no rapid growth of

the author in the arts and crafts gift industry as a typical example of how to do a single chip industry marketing network:

A: small companies try to network marketing platform. The crafts of the industry lower threshold, the process of some products is simple, it is the emergence of a number of smaller enterprises, such enterprises in the network to "test the water", and does not have its own independent website, so industry website B2B shops is the best choice, it is relatively independent, complete function, general do the shops industry platform specifications are the marketing website of the standard model, it is suitable for the enterprise products and services promotion, set up a shop, in a sense, to set up their own website, the product promotion platform, construction of perfect beauty shops, the effect is even larger than independent corporate website. Small businesses have the effect in the industry platform shops, try other network propaganda, heart will have confidence.

two: buyers are more likely to find you. Crafts manufacturers are facing the general national and even the world market, but the buyers scattered other promotional expenses is high, the effect is not obvious, some big handicraft factory set up their own websites, they don’t drown in a large number of peers in the website, the website is not easy to find buyers, especially new sites, even if be included after the search results will be queued to a dozen or even dozens of pages later, some websites through search engines to find. While the industry website brings together a large number of industry information and resources, and do a long time, some even Baidu search engine alliance website, in front of their general information related keywords are ranked in the search results, enterprises registered in the industry information platform, the relevant information will appear in search results this makes you easy to find buyers.

three: gathering information within the industry. A variety of crafts, styles, and different styles of technology or other material manufacturers, to understand the process, in addition to the industry website platform, there is no better channels, industry platform generally provides industry news and information, targeted and the starting point, the factory can collect gold content information, but also greatly reduce the factory >

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