QQ group marketing no need for software mass advertising advertising links

QQ marketing group is many marketing master bored. I believe a lot of people will be in the QQ group in the web site for drainage, but not all advertising can achieve the desired effect, and even no effect. There are many reasons, but the Group Wei Wei feel that in addition to the content of the most important reason is that advertising is not the way. Some people are directly throw a web site, some people better, write a title with a link. In fact, this can not maximize the effect.

as far as I know, the best effect is illustrated that secure link format, as shown in figure


has a title, introduction, pictures, believe that such advertising content most of the group to see the friends will go to open, see here believe that some people are looking for bricks ready to shoot me.. Of course I know this, but my site is not a secure link, you and I said this is not nonsense??


don’t worry, the group Weiwei will teach you, not safety link can achieve this text effect, I’ll give you an idea: the title + introduction + + picture link… So that we understand it, if you do not understand, the following is the specific method of operation:

was the first to review the title, you want to copy the link and paste to the QQ group input box, and then enter the URL, then add pictures, as shown in figure


click on the arrow refers to the location of the image can be added, and finally the effect as shown in figure


in addition, it seems that the phone looks more beautiful, do you say, as shown in figure


of course, with the kind of form this text form and add the link security skills or there is a big difference, but this effect must be than those who only a link, or the title + link effect is much better.

after my constant practice, I also came up with some tips:

1, the title is best to add parentheses, focus.

2, as the title of a paragraph, reading, links and images are not.

3, the title and the shorter is better.

4, the picture is best to add only one, but the effect is not good.

editor: today the share is mainly a kind of thinking, of course, this effect is certainly better than those of the better title + link. On the other, if you care about the question before you can link, send the advertisement in a picture and add a small hook before linking, a lot of people are using this method, can make a secure link illusion, but one can find, so I think with and without all the same…

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