Website promotion ideas do not want to make money hard

today I believe money as an example, to stimulate personal webmaster website marketing innovative ideas, do not worry about making money online! Read many articles, write how gorgeous, but they are mostly theoretical, soft, speak generally, unreasonable lot, but did not tell them where the operation process and ideas. Many new Adsense or Internet is in the winter of individual stationmaster income difficulties, could not find the website development, find properly so-called "Wangzhuan master" advice, but their secrets, or publish what "earn XXX yuan", mostly earn training fees. Well, not to say nonsense, began to see examples of it, I hope to inspire you, clever you can extrapolate, everywhere harmonic is money making website creative ideas.

first, select a product. I was in the study of Taobao customers to do a single product promotion ideas. However, I do not do Taobao guest, I found the product in the real world, I choose Sanya tourism service products – Sanya queen Bay outdoor day tour. Familiar with Taobao’s friends can quickly understand what I want to do. Yes, I made a website, the franchise "Queen of Sanya Bay outdoor tour" the line of my product provider is the Sanya sailing club, they provide travel, barbecue utensils, diving equipment, sea fishing appliances etc.. My job is to promote my website, so that the search for Sanya tourism network visitors to participate in this line of play, and other reception work I do not have to come forward, the club is responsible for the completion of. See? Yes, my site has become a tourist and tourism enterprises in the middle of the publicity platform, which is consistent with the Taobao customer marketing relationship. The reason to choose the line of products, it is the line of products, although there is competition, but not the top of the popular Taobao products so difficult to do. Familiar with the site to promote you, do more advantages.

next, is the product packaging. Sanya Queen’s Bay tour a lot of travel companies are doing online search, large and small companies and individuals are doing. Competition is fierce, so how do we face the competition? Now the blind market competition is nothing more than a price war. I also got the lowest price of the line from the club. I searched for a quote on the original outdoor beach tour, are in the price war. What should I do? Look at me. I bundle type promotion: every sign up to participate in this line of travel guests, in Sanya hotel reservations or sea view hotel guests enjoy preferential 20 yuan – $50 discount, or even live a free night. How attractive enough?? who does not know that Sanya is a tourist city, Hainan vanguard of international tourism island private Sanya tourists accommodation prices prompted Sanya to grow with each passing day. As a self-help tour of the guests, are now inclined to play a purely natural ecological landscape, but do not like the artificial flavor too strong scenic spots. Sanya, the Queen’s Bay is a piece of the Gold Coast has not been developed in Sanya, the natural scenery is good, so I chose this line, but also in line with the psychological trend of tourists, will be able to attract guests. Bundled promotions let me far beyond the competitors, I also help solve the housing problem of booking guests.

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