2011 Hunan internet conference successfully closed the curtain

        Admin5 station network July 12th news, the afternoon of July 9th, 2011 Hunan Internet webmaster General Assembly held at the Southern Pearl International Hotel Changsha, the conference hosted by the Admin5 station network, Baidu Internet entrepreneurs Club Co sponsored, South phpwind, Long Lake Baina Alliance Network Co, from outside the Hunan province more than 400 owners, the Internet business representatives and guests attended the meeting, Hunan province Internet association secretary general Tao Bo and other leaders attended the event, stationmaster net of the conference also conducted throughout the video broadcast.

2011 Hunan Internet webmaster General Assembly will be "innovation and win-win cooperation" as the theme, focus on how to integrate the development of traditional industries, the local community and the vertical operation of several major theme positioning and network, the Internet industry elite gathered in Hunan and representative enterprises, network status and development trend of Hunan, market positioning, business operation mode, channel conflict and channel integration of industry of common concern topic summit dialogue, academic exchanges and experience sharing conference, received strong support from the hishop online store system good beans network, Yanhuang network unit.

of Hunan province Internet association secretary general Tao Bo said in his speech with the Internet in Hunan is growing, also is the webmaster dedication lock moved, but also on the Hunan station placed 2 hope: hope Hunan Internet companies to join hands together to do something two Hunan Internet companies need business innovation and continuous technological innovation in order to achieve better development.

speech at the theme of guests, our founder Shen Dechun from his entrepreneurial experience told the webmaster website, must with the line and the combined entity, the website platform is just a tool to achieve the goal, in order to make the site and do not. Good beans network CTO Zhang Libing proposed along with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the webmaster to learn how to use the open platform to do social media marketing and promotion, the use of mobile Internet to provide accurate local life information service unlimited prospects.

angel investor Fu Dekun’s keynote speech asked Congress created a climax, Fu Dekun in his speech pointed out that the Internet will be the traditional industry more differentiation, personalized, and user experience is essential, the future of e-commerce must be multi varieties, small orders, personalized, webmaster should seize this opportunity.

in the vertical website and business integration roundtable discussion session, easou cool CEO Pan Jun, Jiangxi automotive network Tan Bingsheng, the real estate network CEO Dai Yue, open capital investment should manager Wang Qing, Hunan mother nets technical director Wu Yalin, deputy general manager of Yanhuang network Guan Peng, Sean Lou Zod CEO and Xiao Junli, micro-blog marketing, local industry site operators share a large number of valuable experience.

in the local community and vertical operation discussion, to explore the local website innovation mode, Tianya Hunan operations center, general manager Huang Zhiguang, general manager of Zhuzhou online Liu Qinghui, Xiaoxiang.

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