Taobao big data to help the police seized 20 million major selling line

was seized fake.

on the evening of December 16th, Taobao announced, teamed up in Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan and other places of public security organs, the use of large data seized with the sale of counterfeit sports shoes case, involving a total value of more than 2150 yuan. The local police were registered 5 cases, detection 5 cases, arrested 8 suspects (including detained 8), destroyed 1 criminal gangs, destroyed 7 dens of sales, warehousing, and seized all kinds of counterfeit "Nike" 300 pairs of shoes, seized 2 production lines.

it is worth noting that the big data in this case is now on the Shenwei, cracked the case played a key role in the process of.

in April this year, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Fengxian Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment in the investigation of "Chu et al. Sales of counterfeit" Nike "brand sports shoes in the case found that the suspect Zhao Chu, the use of Taobao network platform to sell fakes, it left for clues to combat. Alibaba [micro-blog] group network information security experts through big data analysis found that the suspect account repeatedly from Fujian Putian Zhang, buy a large number of counterfeit "Jordan" brand sports shoes, and a large number of sales to Fujian, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan and other places.

After the police and Alibaba

group network information security department to cross through the analysis and comparison of account transaction data, the suspect’s logistics delivery information, police quickly mastered a Fujian Putian as the source of production, distribution network in Zhejiang, Fujian, involving Shanghai, Hunan and other places of production and sale of counterfeit "Nike" brand sports the shoe of criminal gangs.

in the hands of the production and sales of fake information system after the end of October, Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan and other police forces deployed 51

police in Shanghai City, Fengxian District Chu who sell fake "Nike" brand sports shoes case battle focused action to close the net, destroyed the fake production, wholesale, sales covering the whole chain of black chain.

Alibaba group safety department of intellectual property protection experts, with [micro-blog] level of protection of intellectual property rights continue to improve, and selling behavior has become more subtle. In this case the suspect is "innovation" business model, change the mode of operation, the home of the geographical advantages, the development of offline business, back from behind the scenes, engaged in the wholesale, on behalf of; or buy other Taobao sellers shop business, or stores moved to the field, to deceive the public in the field of delivery, so as to achieve success the purpose of the sale of counterfeit goods.

"but online transactions will leave the data record, cross analysis of these data by means of big data, and then the sly fox will be exposed," the experts said, the Alibaba group will continue to linkage with the public security, copyright, intellectual property rights, quality inspection bureau and other departments, continue to sell fake goods on the net actions to maintain a high pressure situation, and the use of big data means to activism postponed to the next line, deep manufacturing fake black.

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