Clean up the number of friends of the platform environment WeChat recorded the upper limit of 5000 p

A5 ( 5.22 station network news: yesterday, the WeChat group micro-blog official announcement said: WeChat will add to part through a large number of friends in business marketing contact number of individual micro signal, and the report of the micro signal more involved fake and infringement of commercial users, handled according to relevant laws and regulations. After the announcement issued, media reports said: WeChat friends and the number of public accounts is limited, the upper limit of 5000 people.

according to the WeChat team official micro-blog announced the announcement, it is possible to overturn the number of WeChat friends and concern about the number of public accounts on the line 5000. Notice that only the number of contacts for personal micro signal limit, did not disclose the number of caps.

yesterday evening, WeChat team reply to users questions, micro-blog users doubt: starting today, WeChat’s "personal friend + account public concern + where the group can not exceed 5000, otherwise will not be able to continue to add. Even if the original number of friends more than 5000. Your circle of friends issued articles you can randomly send you 5000 of them! For the users of micro-blog doubt, the WeChat team said: this reply to questions mainly for malicious marketing behavior of friends limit to do the adjustment, here refers to the "friend limit WeChat mail list, WeChat group of friends are not friends" affected. Specific screenshots are as follows:


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