The nternet the death of the wrong whale defeat network carrying Google thigh

for Google Chinese rise, but also because Google and China decline, once the Jujing music website star, has become the basic Chinese genuine music only, on the road of martyrs. In the end the whale off the PC website after the whale founder Chen Ge also has resigned from the CEO post, left hand founded the company, starting a new venture in the field of music.


whale by Yao Ming, agent Zhang Mingji and Yao Ming Chen Ge common shares, three investment reached 20 million yuan, although the situation now, however, desolate, 2006 Jujing scenery infinite. At that time outside of the whale to give a very high rating, even think that this investment decision may make Yao Ming Yao Ming after Chen Tianqiao, Robin Li and Ding Lei after another upstart network.

in the era of rampant piracy of music, the whale is the early development is successfully become an independent school. The whale from June 2005 to begin preparations, to get a license in September 28th of that year, registered members increased to thousands of people every day in the speed. With the help of the Yao Ming star effect and large whale music genuine, soon met "noble" — Google Chinese, both with the launch of Google music search.

this cooperation not only make the whale to get $15 million investment, more importantly, to obtain huge resources and income whale. From October 2009 to October 2010, Google music search received a total of ten million advertising revenue, of which the brand is displayed CPM, other music sites advertising less, and mainly from the advertising alliance and the game.

and Google Jujing Chinese team has a great imagination. According to Chen Ge estimates, if Chinese music search and Google Jujing cooperation continues, digital music today is the overlord of Tencent and the whale. However, in 2010, Google announced its withdrawal from the Chinese make everything stop, the whale in the digital music legalization attempt to fail on the verge of success also let Chen Ge deeply regret.

has a lot of whale fatal injuries in the process of development, such as the Google Chinese shares and reached cooperation after the whale music search, completely pong on Google Chinese thigh, the loss of Google technology, the flow of resources to support, the whale has been on Google illusions, its failure to take out the selling point of the product, not reflect the new development ideas lead to whale passive delay after the critical situation can not be reversed.

more problems occur in the conflict management and investment management, the whales from the beginning there is no absolute control, resulting in a decision hamstrung by investors, said Chen Ge recently accepted the Tencent of science and technology in an interview, this is the lesson of blood and tears, no absolute control makes decisions were caught in many passive; cooperation with Google lost advertising sales accelerated right whale dilemma.

venture again Chen Ge will be placed in Sanlitun, the project has been prepared for some time, but did not introduce investors. Chen Ge said that if investors seek their shares, will be long in mind, "

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