taly to crack down on nternet pornography, hard and soft hands

in extensive network Beijing on January 11th news (reporter Zhang Jianing) according to voice of "news" Chinese 7:55 reports, Internet supervision is a difficult problem in many countries now need to deal with the network of the Italy regulatory rather strict, pornography is focus on monitoring of the column.

teamed up with Microsoft R & D software

Professor of information and Research Department of Milan National University constitution

mark · European Luofei promise that cyberspace is not completely " virtual " and do everything on the Internet should be the reality of social law, the constitution of Italy, fifteenth of twenty-first were involved in the management and supervision of the network. So, what specific measures Italy has in this regard?

in Italy, in recent years the use of Internet information dissemination of child pornography has become the main means of child pornography, the relevant departments in Italy are resolutely crack down, Microsoft Internet child pornography shield system with Italy early in 2006, is the first European countries using this system. China Radio International reporter Wang Xin in Italy to introduce us to the relevant circumstances.

Wang Xin: " this system is Microsoft invested $7 million to develop a security enhanced database, free of charge to governments. The system can run on a variety of computer systems, and because of the use of open standards, computer systems can use different technologies in different countries to exchange information with each other. Italy’s police Ministry of Communications said that Microsoft’s child pornography tracking system will increase the efficiency of the investigation of the network pornography case 80%. "

mandatory heavy combat

In addition to providing protection in

purification system and supervision, Italy police in action against child pornography network is also not hesitate.

Wang Xin: in 2000, Italy, together with the European multinational police after 19 months of secret investigation, uncovered a large multinational child pornography trafficking group. This is the world into the Internet era, the police cracked the world’s largest Internet child pornography case.

cracked the case at the same time, Italy police also at the same time the more than and 600 households were forced to search, and seized a large number of child pornography videos and cds. The actions of the police in Italy have received a lot of support from the public, both for the criminal group and for the mentally ill.

in 2003, the Italy police have cracked a number of gangs using the Internet for child pornography, and banned 33 related websites. It can be said that the Italy police crackdown on child pornography is still considerable. In Italy, in addition to pornographic content is also the focus of extreme government supervision.

some time ago, when Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy, was attacked, some Italians made their way through cell phones and the Internet

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