Where the CPS mode is recognized by the Vancl alliance webmaster won the best return prize

recently, the famous e-commerce company VANCL website alliance held in Shanghai won the first golden fruit "effect marketing forum" best stationmaster income award". It is reported that this award on behalf of the VANCL site alliance has been recognized by the major webmaster, is considered to be involved in the selection of nearly one thousand advertisers to bring the best revenue advertisers. The "golden fruit" marketing forum sponsored by the effect of network marketing — results of its first domestic advertising adv platform, well-known major e-commerce sites and well-known webmaster attended the meeting.


VANCL marketing department responsible person to accept the Shimizu Yangyi awards

CEO advertising adv

in the golden achievements of the Internet Marketing Forum, VANCL marketing executives said: VANCL alliance is the actual effect, generous returns to attract greater recognition of the site. Before VANCL, a member of the alliance, his website is a movie information station, just to join the league, launched only one unit VANCL advertising, advertising is more than other put AdSense, later, he put the website page all the terminal advertising unit is replaced by the VANCL advertising alliance, until now. This, to a certain extent, shows that in some sites, VANCL union advertising revenue is higher than AdSense."

VANCL website alliance is in accordance with the CPS (according to the sales into advertising billing mode) advertising alliance platform, in the territory of China legitimate websites (including personal website), blog, shop can register for free to join, landing after obtaining advertising alliance platform code into a website or blog advertising, when consumers Click through exclusive advertising into VANCL official website of VANCL form effective after the purchase, will be from the VANCL alliance Advertising Commission in 1 months.

Marketing advertising model

alliance in 90s first launched by a company called CDNOW music sales website, and in 1996 by the Amazon carry forward and gradually to be the majority of the world’s electronic commerce website marketing model adopted, VANCL was founded in 2007 when the company VANCL has opened affiliate marketing business, where the network marketing has now become the industry as a classic case.

It is reported that

, VANCL alliance has tens of thousands of members, most of the current members of the monthly income from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars, with the proportion of the rapid increase of Internet users shopping, Internet users click on the ads to buy ratio (click to order) is more and more big, some advertising click average return price can reach a few cents to a few yuan range, which is the majority of small owners began to select some good B2C website advertising alliance root cause delivery.

analysts believe that the small and medium-sized website profit model is relatively simple, a lot of small and medium sites advertising placement of AdSense advertising, with the domestic electricity >

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