Stocking up at stores: Supermarkets adjust to COVID19 concerns

first_imgStores like Big M’s Supermarket in Windsor and Sweeney’s Market in Apalachin have seen an increase in customers coming to their stores. For more coronavirus, click here. “Everybody is looking for product right now and there’s not enough to go around,” said Mark Dowches, a shift supervisor a Sweeney’s. The store saw much of its toilet paper supply and hand soap bottles diminish within days, despite getting a shipment on Friday morning. “It’s frustrating for us because we know we can’t get it in,” Finch said. “People look for it, we don’t have it. I personally feel bad we don’t have it, but I can only do what we do.” (WBNG) — Crowds have been rushing to grocery stores to stock up as the coronavirus continues to spread throughout New York State, the country and the world. Finch tried to order 250 bottles of sanitizer the other day, but when his shipment arrived, there were no bottles. Store manager Brian Nasoni told 12 News on Thursday he noticed lots of customers packed in the aisles of Sweeney’s. Big M’s co-owner David Finch explained his store was cleaned out of disinfectant wipes, and as Friday, neither store has any hand sanitizer.center_img “It’s going off the shelf as quickly as we can get it up,” Nasoni said. “It seems as though everyone is kind of panicking right now and buying up a bunch.” With these shortages, the Sweeney’s is asking a simple favor. Wegmans announced on Friday they will adjust to temporary hours of operation in New York State. Those hours are 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. “There’s not much we can really do about it other than ordering it in, and seeing what they have for us,” Dowches said. Dowches expressed frustration over the store’s quantity of some items after the rush had take place. “We can make it through this, but you have to be patient and you have to be understanding there’s only a little bit to go around when it does come out,” Dowches said. “Everything kind of went crazy,” Nasoni said. “We had rush to the store, everybody coming in picking up water, toilet paper, paper towels, sanitation wipes.”last_img

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