Good Shepherd purchases cleaning robot powerful enough to change DNA

first_img“Knew that it would work above and beyond what our typical terminal cleanings were and working in long-term care with a very vulnerable population, our whole focus is making sure our infection-control practices are top-notch, and this actually goes above and beyond the terminal cleaning,” said Kathy Swezey, the executive director of Good Shepherd Fairview. Staff at the Good Shepherd Fairview Home Thursday unveiled the brand-new LytBot, a $20,000 cleaning robot. The machine uses high intensity UV rays to kill any pathogens within a ten yard radius. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — A new piece of technology is ensuring the safety of nursing home residents across the Southern Tier. Staff said the UV rays are so powerful, not only is it forbidden for anyone to be in the same room with it while it’s on, the rays will actually denature the DNA of any pathogens in its path.center_img It was a no-brainer for nursing home staff to purchase this new machine. Swezey said the robot will be mainly used for preparing rooms for vulnerable new arrivals, but it is powerful enough to clean shared spaces as well.last_img

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