Park Plaza Arena – the first hotel in Istria with a gluten free certificate

first_imgHotel Park Plaza Arena Pula is a proud holder of “BOSK gluten free standard”As the first hotel in Istria, and at the same time a hotel with the only one a’la carte restaurant on the Adriatic with complete gluten free offer.Taking into account the combination of today’s state-of-the-art trends in hospitality and gastronomy, and increasingly important healthy living and healthy eating, and guided by research confirming that gluten is one of the most common food allergens, Arena Hospitality Group Plaza Arena also completely standardized the complete preparation and serving process gluten free food.The BOSK gluten free standard is intended for hoteliers and caterers and provides practical knowledge on the preparation and serving of gluten-free meals, and is developed on the basis of scientifically proven and globally accepted food safety protocols and based on HACCP system principles hygiene practice (DHP). “The BOSK gluten free standard was developed with the aim of reducing the risk of contamination of prepared meals and desserts with gluten and prescribes protocols of production processes of procurement, storage, preparation and serving of food and corrective measures to be taken in case of suspected gluten contamination.”, Said the company BOSK.It is estimated that there are more than 70 million gluten-sensitive and intolerant people in Europe today, 190 million people who avoid wheat and gluten, and 11 million people suffering from celiac disease, an autoimmune disease as the ultimate expression of gluten intolerance. These, but also many other facts related to gluten have led to the development BOSK gluten free standards that will enable people on a gluten-free diet to visit restaurants and hotels that ensure the implementation of strict standards gluten free offer, because cooking with gluten-free products is not enough to make a restaurant gluten-free.In 2015, the hotel underwent a complete transformation into an elegantly decorated and completely renovated, modern and functional hotel with a perfect blend of luxury, comfort and style. After the renovation and acquisition of the Park Plaza brand, it continued its innovative path next year with the additional renovation of the adjacent building with 6 luxury hotel suites – Garden Suites. Also, in 2016, the hotel was recognized and celebrated as a hotel with the introduction of a unique service “digital key”Which can be used to open electronic locks in hotel rooms and suites with smartphones through a specially developed mobile application. Such an offer provided him with a competitive advantage, making him the first in Croatia and one of the few in Europe with such a free guest service.Since May this year, hotel guests have at their disposal a charging station for electric cars, and now, continuing this series of recognized innovators in the hotel industry, the Park Plaza Arena hotel is also receiving this praiseworthy gluten free a certificate that will surely provide him with a bright future in relentless competition in the fight for guests given the additional diversity of the existing offer aimed at a healthy life through an attractive, tasty, varied and healthy diet of guests.As proof that all of the above has been recognized and by the hotel guests speaks just received the prestigious recognition of TripAdvisor – Certificate of Excellence which the hotel received after the recognition already received Travelers’ Choice 2017 from the same tourist portal, and exclusively based on the reviews of guests who have stayed at the hotel.last_img

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