Public calls for the award of CNTB grants will be published in early 2018

first_imgThe 27th session of the CNTB Tourist Board was held today in Zagreb, at which the De minimis Aid Program for the Development of the Tourism Sector for 2018 was adopted, which regulates the conditions, criteria and manner of granting small value aid on the basis of which Croatia will the tourist board to issue public calls for projects of tourism initiatives and products in underdeveloped areas of tourism, to support events and to support programs of destination management companies.The proposal of the Public Invitation for granting aid to tourist boards in underdeveloped tourist areas and the ordinance regulating the general conditions and rules for approving aid to tourist boards in underdeveloped tourist areas of Croatia were also adopted. Director Staničić emphasized the importance of timely announcing public calls for grants. “With the aim of further improving the process of awarding grants, we decided to announce all our public calls in early 2018. We want to give the beneficiaries of our grants enough time to apply, but also to plan and implement activities. I believe that these activities will now be greatly facilitated because the results of the competition will be known earlier than in recent years when they were announced in July.”, Said director Staničić, adding that today the members of the Tourist Council also appointed the commissions of the Croatian Tourist Board for the implementation of public calls for grants in 2018.New CNTB offices in Shanghai and Seoul In addition to the topics related to grants, the members of the Tourist Council also discussed the expansion of the network of the Croatian National Tourist Board in the world and adopted the annual plan for monitoring the work of tourist boards in 2018. The decision on the establishment of two new representative offices and two new branches of the Croatian National Tourist Board abroad was adopted. These are the office of the representative office on the market of the Republic of Korea based in Seoul, which will be formed in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Seoul and the office of the representative office on the market of the People’s Republic of China based in Shanghai. . The new branch offices are planned for the Italian market based in Rome and for the US market based in Los Angeles.The importance of a greater presence in these markets was commented by Minister Cappelli, who stressed that the decision to expand the network of offices abroad was made after detailed analysis. “During this year, Croatia achieved significant growth in tourist traffic in many distant markets such as China, India, Australia or the USA. This is the best indicator that we need to consider how to present ourselves even better in these, but also in other markets that have great potential. Next year we will open a representative office in Shanghai, and given the growing openness and interest of Chinese tourists in Croatia and additional promotion, I believe that China will become one of the most important emitting markets for Croatia.”, Said Minister Cappelli.last_img

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