Central Podravina Tourist Board established

first_imgWith synergy to better and better tourism development and products – this is the goal of the Municipalities of Drnje, Gola, Hlebine, Legrad, Molve, Novigrad Podravski and Virje, which founded the Tourist Board of “Central Podravina”.The goal of joining the tourist community of the area is to create a unique tourist product based on the common tradition and geographical connection of seven municipalities that will be promoted on the tourist map as a destination of central Podravina, and will communicate a common story and more progressive development.Admittedly, the Central Podravina Tourist Board started operating in the middle of last year, but somehow the news went under the radar. The headquarters and tourist office are located in Virje, and Elizabeta Milanović Glavica, director of the Tourist Office of Central Podravina, is in charge of the tourist development of central Podravina.Last week, the Tourist Board of the Imotski Region – Imotski Tourist Board was established, and soon five Slavonian counties will finally be under one tourist brand – Slavonia. Also, the process of merging to launch Matulji, Ičići, Mošćenička Draga, Lovran and Opatija on the market under one brand – Opatija Riviera.Related news:ESTATE KRAJINA TOURIST BOARD ESTABLISHED – IMOTAMATULJI, IČIĆI, MOŠĆENIČKA DRAGA, LOVRAN AND OPATIJA UNDER ONE BRAND – OPATIJA RIVIERA</p>
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