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first_imgThe annual premium amount for a house of 150 square meters is 1510 kuna, and for an apartment or apartment of 45 square meters 862 kuna. For that money, it’s not worth taking the risk and burdening yourself with the thought of something happening to you.  What advice do you most often give to renters who are just starting a business with renting an apartment? If the owner has enough free time, he can do more or less everything that the agency staff does, which is, of course, more profitable for him, but it requires much more time, effort, knowledge and experience in tourism. “If the owner decides to rent his accommodation on his own, my recommendation is to advertise on numerous internet portals, of which and Airbnb are certainly the strongest and unavoidable ” says Bencun.   Successful landlords are aware of the fact that insuring a building and the things in it is a smart investment, the same as in marketing or decorating a building. “As the owner of a travel agency that has been working with private renters since 2008, I always tell the owners of rental facilities that there are two ways they can offer their facilities to guests. They can do this in cooperation with a Croatian travel agency that rents out private accommodation or start the whole business on their own. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. If you have an apartment registered for rent, the agency will perform the following for you: advertising, receiving guests (check in / out), payment, registration, and some even offer cleaning services. In that case, the owner has minimal obligations and can fully dedicate himself to his work. ” explains Bencun. What are the common beginner mistakes that always occur and how to avoid them? On the other hand, how can the rental business be improved? People are often convinced that renting is easy and that it goes without saying. For that reason, they do not ask for advice, and then they usually get stuck on the wrongly formed price because they did not prepare well, advertise and make a calculation. Then they start lowering prices in order to fill their capacities at least to some extent, and in that way the owner and the entire market suffer damage. People are often convinced that renting is easy so they don’t ask for advice. So they usually get stuck on the wrongly formed price because they didn’t advertise well and made a calculation. Then they start lowering prices in order to fill the capacities at least to some extent and thus suffer damage, warns Iva Bencun. It is important to differ in some way in the sea of ​​supply. There are really many apartments and it is best to be at least a little different from the others when it comes to decorating. Another important thing is, complete commitment to the guest, because their reviews are the main recommendation. I think people need to make serious calculations to see if it pays to start this business at all. Based on her rich experience in tourism, we asked her where all private renters should advertise and in what way is it best for them to step into the market?  THERE IS SALVATION IN DOMOS RENT I definitely recommend it. Insure your apartments on an annual basis because it does not cost too much, and if something happens to you, you and your guests will be glad to have it because you will not suffer much damage.center_img Iva Bencun is the owner of the tourist agency “Feral Tours” from Zadar, to which the Tourist Board of Zadar County once awarded a special recognition for innovation and contribution to new tourist programs. One of these contributions is Iva’s participation in the creation of the Zadar Outdoor Festival, which aims to brand the Zadar region as an ideal destination for an active vacation. Prices are a public thing. Just take a look on the Internet to see how the prices are set by the owners of similar apartments in your area, and to know how you will form your own. What is very different from the business of seven, eight years ago, is that you can no longer determine a price that will be fixed, that is, it is difficult to have a fixed price list all the time. The price changes daily, sometimes several times during the day, depending on supply and demand. It’s something that owners should definitely keep in mind when they decide to start renting. ” For example, Domos Rent, a package of the insurance company Euroherc, protects assets from the ten most common risks, damages that can be caused by guests, but also lost earnings when you cannot receive guests due to the damage caused. In addition to Domos Rent, guests’ property is also insured, and if they happen to have any injuries during their stay in your apartment, this is also covered by Domos Rent. What about apartment and guest insurance? There is no fixed price list The amount of the annual premium may vary depending on the place of insurance, and it includes the above coverage. is strong enough that you don’t need social networks, but of course it’s always good to use them, especially if you have more apartments. How important are services like, and how important are social networks? How to form prices? More information on contracting a tourist insurance package for renters in tourism – DOMOS RENT, find out HERElast_img

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