Integrated tourist platform Rijeka Marketplace presented

first_imgThe integrated system is planned to be further expanded, and already offers numerous facilities in Rijeka this summer, where citizens and guests are offered a large selection of easily accessible city services used with just a few clicks, through a digital wallet installed on the user’s mobile phone. Payment is made via the mobile Rijeka Wallet application, which provides the service user with the possibility of personal identification and shopping on the online platform. According to the creators of the application, this type of service is becoming increasingly dominant in Europe, where when using a paid service, a scan code must be performed from the user’s mobile device. Bravo Rijeka. Rijeka Marketplace is a project of the Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka, which with partners – JuiceCommerce and Multilink Digital media – in an effort to digitize and apply the most modern technologies in tourism has developed an infrastructure for developing smart destinations in Rijeka and its surroundings, based on blockchain technology. “With the implementation of this application, Rijeka ranks among the top cities with innovative solutions in tourism, which is logical given the fact that Rijeka is recognized as one of the leaders among fast-growing destinations and European smart cities. “, Said the mayor of Rijeka, Vojko Obersnel, expressing the belief that many cities in Croatia and the world will follow such solutions to facilitate tourist navigation in the city. The director of the Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka, Petar Škarpa, stated that the project, launched last year, will change the way of advertising, promotion and use of services in tourism, adding that it is very well accepted by all involved associates. “We followed the trends in the world, but we did not copy anyone, but we took a different approach with the implementation of blockchain technology in tourism”, Said Škarpa, adding that the platform will be fully completed by the end of 2019. The project was presented in more detail by Michael Hasler from JuiceCommerce and Maša Radišić from Multilink / Digital Media. “Rijeka is thus placed on the international map of innovations, at the moment there is no such application anywhere in the world“, Said Hasler, adding that blockchain technology on this service enables the cooperation of different systems of individual services in one place, which are not complementary to each other. center_img The Peek & Poke Museum presented the digital platform Rijeka Marketplace, an integrated service that combines the promotion of tourist services and products and their purchase. The platform in one place and in a simple way provides all the information about Rijeka as a tourist destination, offers easy sale of services for various events, but also accommodation in hotels and apartments, public transport and products. The application represents a major step forward in the way of offering tourist services, is a place of central meeting of tourist supply and demand, and allows entrepreneurs in tourism to use the latest technologies in a convenient and simple way. The wish is for the platform to further contribute to Rijeka’s tourist traffic and consumption in this destination, which is extremely important in the context of next year’s events when Rijeka will become the European Capital of Culture. Also, an analytical system is being developed that will process all data on the use of the platform for market research and service improvement. Explore the Rijeka Marketplace HERElast_img

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