Inadmissible gaffe of the director of the Tourist Board of the city of Makarska

first_imgIn addition to all these shots from Makarska, let alone the entire beautiful Makarska Riviera, the first person in tourism in Makarska promotes Mozambique through “fakenews”. Such a move is simply inadmissible and goes into the ‘believe it or not’ category. Hloverka Novak Srzić, meanwhile, deleted the post after a large number of criticisms in the comments. Such gaffes are simply inadmissible, especially from the first person of Makarska tourism. Namely, the director of the Makarska Tourist Board, Hloverka Novak Srzić, posted a beautiful picture on her Facebook profile, alluding to the beautiful beach on the Makarska Riviera. Source: Facebook In addition to so many beautiful beaches, posting a picture from another destination under your own is more than tragic. First, because it is a false representation, ie a picture that does not represent what is being described, and the biggest absurdity is when the same thing comes from the director of the tourist board. The person in charge of developing, branding and promoting Makarska as a tourist destination. Photo: Hotels.comcenter_img By the way, this is a private island Azura Quilalea in Mozambique. Of course, the whole story caused a big avalanche of jokes on her account via Twitter #hloverka. However, as it was established, the picture does not represent the beach from the Makarska Riviera, but the beach from the picture is in Mozambique! And then an entrepreneur who lives or tries to make a living from tourism in Makarska, as well as the whole of Croatia, looks at himself and asks himself: Who is crazy here? Why do I pay tourist boards? Where does my money go? Ša Bad “advertising” for all her colleagues in the tourist system, which logically puts additional fire in the context of the meaning of such a system of tourist boards, ie poor personnel policy within the tourist board system. Honor the positive examples. Cover photo: / Ilustracija_HrTurizamlast_img

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