Sand Sculpture Festival – a great story and content of the island of Rab

first_imgThe size of the sculptures reaches up to 10 meters in length and width and about two to three meters in height. Extremely strenuous physical work at high temperatures is required to create sculptures that, when weighed, weigh 30 to 70 tons. All the effort and work that artists invest in Lopar is recognized, and because of the great household and the efforts of the locals, the artists return every year. The Sand Sculpture Festival started in 2012 at the initiative of the academic painter prof. Zlatko Kauzlarić Atač in cooperation with the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Lopar and the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. This story, like all other events, is a great platform and skeleton around which a brand can and must be built, and a long-term story about branding in one niche. But for that it is necessary to organize various year-round events, trainings, smaller festivals, etc.…. And then the main manifestation as it is Sand Sculpture Festival it comes as the culmination of the whole rounded story. Photo: TZ Lopar Excellent and more than attractive tourist content, but as in everything, events of this type should be just “icing on the cake”. And not just, though great, one-off events. The Festival of Sand Sculptures will be held on Paradise Beach in Lopar on the island of Rab from 11 to 14 August 2020. Thus, the Croatian island of happiness is once again the host of this artistic and entertainment event, and sculptors from all over Croatia will make sculptures on the theme of the wonderful world of mythical creatures. This sand manifestation is led by academic sculptor Paula Banić, who brings artists such as our most famous current sculptor Nikola Vudrag, academic sculptor Professor Alen Novoselac, sculptor brothers Popijač and other interesting teams.  In the initial phase, it was a sculpture workshop intended exclusively for students of art academies in Croatia, and over the years it has become an international festival with the participation of various young artists and art students from around the world.  By the way, Lopar is the destination with the most sandy beaches on the Adriatic, of which the largest and most famous is Paradise Beach, 1,5 km long.  “For the ninth year in a row, we are transforming Paradise Beach in Lopar into a surreal world with sand sculptures. This summer, a small number of interesting artists from our art scene are participating, so we are pleased to invite you to join us and try to be sculptors, and we will show you how. We will try to cheer you up through the sand and sandy mythical creatures”, said Paula Banić, artistic director of the festival. Rab – the island of artists? The island of Rab is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, and the one in Lopar is ideal for making real works of art. “Although the Festival was supposed to be held in June, we decided to postpone it for the safety of participants and guests. Due to the great interest of tourists and the attractiveness of the event, the ninth Sand Sculpture Festival will be held in mid-August according to all the epidemiological recommendations that are not difficult to follow on Paradise Beach. Every year from this festival the most beautiful pictures of our place are sent to the whole world, and how much it means, especially now, you know for sure. I take this opportunity to invite our locals, all visitors and tourists to join us with maximum responsibility and a lot of good will”, Said Marin Musco, director of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Lopar.last_img

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