From learning to make money to make a list of ten network technology professionals recommend

network technology, whether it is PHP or Java, both the PC era, or the era of mobile, whether it is hacker technology, or new program, it, is undoubtedly the most fire industry, whether it is a personal hobby or engineering technology development, has attracted numerous talents. A variety of network technology, tutorials, engineering development related sites, forums have sprung up in front of the internet.


is a network technology engaged in ten years of work, "the old man" has to depend on these websites and forums for many years, here, combined with their years of experience, the majority of users to recommend the following ten technical personnel often on the site, the site’s ranking according to the communication portal, users forum, blog recommendation and vote. At the same time, here to the forum administrators, moderators to pay tribute and heartfelt thanks


1.CSDN Forum (


authority, professional IT website. Can get a lot of important content, to understand the future direction of the IT industry. Both students and programmers can find their own content.

2.A5 mission (


the best IT platform, involving considerable content. The largest website technology services trading platform, dedicated to customer service, can only be said to be a site to find part-time technology on the site.

3 know almost (


know almost gathered a number of industry leaders and celebrities, so the answer is more professional and authoritative. Know the answer is very comprehensive and thorough, from time to time let you sigh really up posture".

4 script home (


virus free, comprehensive resources, detailed, there are a lot of articles are original, can find more popular new technology related scripts.

5.W3School (


web design entry must see the Internet! Is everyone’s favorite, knowledge oriented, professional to provide platform for website construction related knowledge, is a good place for beginners.

6.51CTO (


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