Look at the nternet from the giant expansion path there is a center, no boundaries


held the first China Internet security conference this week, the audience is still wearing the red POLO shirt Zhou Hongyi. People focus on his Tucao and 360 dog by the event, but he ignored the pan security concept. This will expand from 360 areas of security to the entire Internet jungle, revealed the future direction of the development of the 360, but also means that China has more than a comprehensive Internet Co. Large Internet Co are crossing the boundaries of the original service, more and more vertical integration and horizontal expansion.

one, pan security blurred the boundaries of the 360 services, in essence, to the security".

"Pan security" means the security companies can not be confined to the traditional killing Trojans, viruses and security operations, should be extended to privacy, App permissions, communication record management such as "Pan security" in the field. Zhou Hongyi said "the pan security problems sometimes bigger than security issues, security companies to jump out from the traditional narrow security field into a broad, extensive security areas you will find, you can see many new opportunities."

old week proposed this is not difficult to understand, because the mobile internet security demands are changing tide.

viruses and Trojans in mobile phones and Pad and other mobile devices no longer rampant. Security issues are shifting to businesses and the cloud. Users are more secure demands of privacy, permissions, data, malicious charges and other types of universal security". Security software to solve these pan security problem is a natural choice, there are still stuck in the mobile phone antivirus listed security companies, but will not go too far.

old week down words revealed 360 real "a wolf with a savage heart": "let the user feel very comfortable in the use of mobile phone, using the computer process of the Internet, I feel very happy, feel very simple, this is the extension of the concept of security." Comfortable, happy, simple, this is the ultimate demand for people to use any technology products exist. Plainly, is the user experience. This is a very tight connection with security.

old week this extension, it will blur the boundaries of 360, will completely break the boundaries of security.

360 has been from computer management, malware and virus killing, the extension to the browser, web site navigation, mobile phone assistant, search engine, cloud plate and other products. These products still have a "safe" hat. Extended to the rear to find the "security" is not a panacea signs. For example, this type of hardware special for the machine, portable WIFI, and then to the lightning mobile resource search, as well as the income bring a large number of web games, these products or services actually not related with safety. The author also put forward 360 search engine brand needs to be safe".

to continue to expand how to do? As the largest security company, 360 naturally will not say to go safe". Pan security is the most reliable argument. As long as 360 considers it to use

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