Caz’s Pigskin Picks-Week #8 (10-11)

first_imgCOACHES: Scott Moore, 32-25 in 6th year at Greensburg. Justin Roden, 3-4 in 1st year at East Central. Franklin County (3-4) at Batesville (7-0) COACHES: Shane Wellman, 9-10 in 2nd year at Franklin County. Eric Heppner, 127-77 in 18th year at Batesville. SAGARIN RATINGS: Greensburg, 58.41, 121st overall, 22nd in Class 3A. East Central, 56.86, 131st overall, 29th in Class 4A. LAST MEETING: East Central, 16-0, Oct. 5, 2012. Caz’s Pick:  East Central VS. COMMON FOES: Franklin County 1-4, Batesville 5-0. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Greensburg 24-25, East Central 17-18. LAST OUTING: Oldenburg Academy lost to Indianapolis Washington, 65-7. Union (Dugger) lost to Eastern Greene, 64-0. SAGARIN RATINGS: Union (Dugger),-5.56, 324th overall, 64th in Class 1A. Oldenburg Academy,-7.01, 325th overall, VS. COMMON FOES: South Decatur 1-3, North Decatur 1-3. LAST OUTING: Edinburgh defeated Southside HomeSchool, 62-28. Milan defeated South Decatur, 26-6. Caz’s Pick:  South Decatur Rushville (5-2) at South Dearborn (0-7) OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Lawrenceburg 22-20, Connersville 26-23. GAME TIME: 7 PM at Spartans Field. GAME TIME: 7 PM at The Dog Pound.  Country 103.9 WRBI. VS. COMMON FOES: Greensburg 3-1, East Central 3-1. LAST MEETING: North Decatur, 13-0, Oct. 5, 2012. Caz’s Pick:  Milan PREDICTION: Batesville, 45-14. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Batesville, 11-7. LAST MEETING: Milan, 31-0, sectional, Oct. 19, 2012. SAGARIN RATINGS: South Decatur, 26.93, 266th overall, 35th in Class 1A. North Decatur, 26.33, 269th overall, 37th in Class 1A. COACHES: Ryan Knigga, 21-10 in 3rd year at Lawrenceburg. Adam Kelly, 9-9 in 2nd year at Connersville. GAME TIME: 7 PM at Trojan Field.   WRBIRADIO.COM Greensburg (4-3) at East Central (3-4) LAST OUTING: Lawrenceburg defeated Rushville, 34-0. Connersville lost to East Central, 48-23. VS. COMMON FOES: Lawrenceburg 4-0, Connersville 1-3. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: East Central, 15-0. SAGARIN RATINGS: Rushville, 52.75, 156th overall, 34th in Class 3A. South Dearborn, 26.03, 271st overall, 60th in Class 4A. PREDICTION: East Central, 32-31. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: South Decatur 25-24, North Decatur 30-19. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Rushville 21-28, South Dearborn 26-23. LAST OUTING: Greensburg lost to Batesville, 42-14. East Central defeated Connersville, 48-23. Oldenburg Academy (1-4) at Union (Dugger) (0-7) LAST MEETING: Rushville, 14-7, Oct. 16, 1998. LAST OUTING: Rushville lost to Lawrenceburg, 34-0. South Dearborn lost to Franklin County, 56-20. COACHES: Bill Unsworth, 10-25 in 4th year at Edinburgh. Ed Wagner, 3-4 in 1st year at Milan. COACHES: Rod Martin, 18-29 in 5th year at South Decatur. Garry Sauley, 71-66 in 14th year at North Decatur. GAME TIME: 7 PM at Ed Knarr Field. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: No meetings. PREDICTION: Rushville, 42-14. GAME TIME: 7 PM at Knights Stadium. SAGARIN RATINGS: Milan, 54.34, 147th overall, 19th in Class 2A. Edinburgh, 17.61, 297th overall, 49th in Class 1A. GAME TIME: 7 PM at The Tee Pee. Caz’s Pick:  Rushville SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Rushville, 1-0. LAST MEETING: Batesville, 14-13, Oct. 5, 2012. PREDICTION: North Decatur, 29-28. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Edinburgh 10-25, Milan 33-16. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: South Decatur, 11-7. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Oldenburg Academy 11-15, Union (Dugger) 25-17. PREDICTION: Milan, 56-14. SAGARIN RATINGS: Batesville, 75.27, 38th overall, 5th in Class 3A. Franklin County, 47.86, 173rd overall, 40th in Class 4A. South Decatur (2-5) at North Decatur (2-5) VS. COMMON FOES: Rushville 3-2, South Dearborn 0-5. COACHES: Rocky Alspaugh, 63-72 in 14th year at Rushville, 83-92 in 18th year overall. Chris Nobbe, 0-7 in 1st year at South Dearborn. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Franklin County 19-30, Batesville 23-26. Caz’s Pick:  Batesville Lawrenceburg (5-2) at Connersville (2-5) Caz’s Pick:  Lawrenceburg LAST OUTING: Franklin County defeated South Dearborn, 56-20. Batesville defeated Greensburg, 42-14. Edinburgh (4-3) at Milan (3-4) SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Milan, 20-0. Here are this week’s picks.The best of luck to our area teams. PREDICTION: Union (Dugger), 35-31. Caz’s Pick:  Oldenburg AcademyCourtesy of the IHSAA and John Harrell. COACHES: Wes Gillman, 1-4 in 1st year at Oldenburg Academy. Todd Gambill, 67-126 in 19th year at Union (Dugger). SAGARIN RATINGS: Lawrenceburg, 62.24, 97th overall, 15th in Class 3A. Connersville, 45.46, 187th overall, 44th in Class 4A. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: No meetings. PREDICTION: Lawrenceburg, 38-17. LAST OUTING: South Decatur lost to Milan, 26-6. North Decatur lost to Indian Creek, 61-27. VS. COMMON FOES: Edinburgh 0-2, Milan 2-0. GAME TIME: 8 PM at Bulldog Field.last_img

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