NFL Integrity

first_imgI recently read an article by Norman Chad in the Indianapolis Star.  He, like a lot of us, is wondering where the NFL’s integrity lies.  As most of you know, the players in the league are allowed to participate in the fantasy games of chance.  They are allowed to bet up to $250 on any one fantasy league.Not only is this allowed, but two of the owners own stock in Draft Kings.  This is probably the most popular of these games.  As you also know, there is a serious question about Draft Kings integrity itself.  Employees of these companies are able to play the competition’s version.  How can this action not raise questions on to how these bets are made and how a certain player may play the next game.  For doing this in baseball, Pete Rose is banned from baseball for life.  How is this any different?  Again, NFL owners and the League are interested in only one thing–how much money can we make?last_img

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