Wang Tong’s money making plan and consequences

Wang Tong’s serial money making plan and consequences

1 tuition fees 2800-3600;

2 to participate in Wang Tong’s day to earn hundreds of plans;

conditions are:

A. to do the promotion of Wang Tong GG; earn money after Wang Tong take 30-40%;

C. to buy foreign space to Wang Tong’s point on his site to buy, Wang Tong get commission;


D. web site to promote the good, to buy his treasure and network promotion blog [funny is that students have used this, found their ranking is reduced, so the first suspect that their use software properly, and then maniang ah.]


E. website, website to buy Wang Tong. What is the name of 9959 ah ah. If the result is not good, buy the above promotion tools. Oh.. what is the result?

so it seems, to make money, most of the students into the network had to participate in this program.

but a lot of do not understand. Asked a few days and weeks and months no one to wait for Wang Tong to be free,.

so, want to accept the exploitation of people, will not make money quickly.

other do not say, certainly can not earn any money.


reason is one, Wang Tong does not answer the question. What can you do to him?

school is not allowed to ask, after learning useless, and then asked Wang Tong not on the QQ, you want to call.

estimates that there are too many people asking. Wang Tong doesn’t want to take the time to answer. So he’s using it. Absolutely!

Wang Tong training can not say nothing, is some.

but the effect brought down by his customer service.

so, can only cause a consequence.

Wang Tong’s reputation will slowly fade. Oh…

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