Gold Rush you don’t just have more luck than others

rarely has an article written in my heart, there are few people who write the article is what I want to say, I rarely reproduced articles, but this article see today I said, I want to express the meaning of the expression, so I’ll keep it reproduced to share, adhere to the above and also hesitate Wangzhuan friends, hope you can bring inspiration.

the following is reproduced to Wangzhuan:

this year if there is no experience station, I may have the same as before to do a lot of trivial wangzhuan. 2013, the experience of the station broke out, I was suddenly liberated. Now although I only focus on operating experience, but the monthly income is sufficient to reach the city of Guilin, the average wage of workers.

however, this is just a good start.

from the station to the present day, I insist on more than a year, more than 400 articles. Although this is not a very gratifying data, but for me this is a milestone significance. Life, I do a lot of things are not so long, this is the truth. Do Wangzhuan, the most important is that I learned this step does not give up the next step there is hope.

during this time I met a lot of people, different occupations, the same money making goals. TA find me, say how to make money. At first I will patiently answer, but as more and more things to be busy, I usually give it to ta Wangzhuan site to see their own. Some friends took a look, turned off, and some friends saw two eyes, the collection. I dare not say here will let you earn much, but at least for a novice, compared in the forum and the Q group of out of order advertising, your blog is always a good place to study.

is now doing more and more friends to your blog, but in many of the same type in the site let people find everything fresh and new feeling, is not a simple. We are too accustomed to copy paste, too accustomed to not to think, too accustomed to their own point of view. Some owners may think you will feel no written style, afraid of being a joke, in fact, this is not a thing. The article can arouse the resonance of others only thought, write more, naturally will write.

in my experience to do a little bit of experience, a friend said I was lucky. Maybe, I thought I was lucky. But, the luck? I earn promotion at the beginning of happiness, try a number of methods, in the process of accumulation, from poly swim to the network and then to New Guinea has earned the outbreak. And this is not limited to this, and make the music play joy earn performance in the Trotters always move forward.

said the promotion, to look at the top of these sites, but also to get together to enjoy the first tour of Baidu. I can see in the chain, there are more than more than and 600, scattered in different types of web corner. In fact, there are thousands of the chain, which can not be said to be lucky, for you to do the same thing to do the same

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