Oskar Mühlbach – Garbo – Taking a niche product into a crowded industry

first_img StumbleUpon LeoVegas hits back at Swedish regulations despite Q2 successes August 13, 2020 Share ‘Volatile’ Swedish regulations see Raketech grow global focus August 19, 2020 Submit Related Articles Betsson outrides pandemic challenges as regulatory dramas loom July 21, 2020 Share Oskar Mühlbach, Garbo.comMr Green chief venture officer (CVO) Oskar Mühlbach has been tasked with relaunching Garbo.com, the company’s female player focused online casino brand.We caught up with Mühlbach to discuss his plans for the Swedish target market, providing a customer-centric experience and standing out within a crowded industry.SBC: With the relaunch of this product, what have you done differently and what are your key targets for the Swedish market? OM: At a first glance, Garbo.com might not look very different to other online casinos. Or perhaps it might even look like a simplified version of the average online casino.However, the technical and operational infrastructure that holds the casino together is far from this. Garbo.com is built with focus on being able to provide relevant and engaging content in combination with an easy to use e-commerce inspired games sorting/recommendation engine.The key target for the Swedish market is to offer a true customer-centric experience that is engaging, relevant and rewarding for the user. Our engagement concept is built on the reason why you play rather than what or how you play. You will see more of this once we have passed the initial dry run period.SBC: You have stated your attention to utilise Mr Green’s competences, digital knowledge and supplier relations; what sort of head start does this give you over companies launching without the backing of a major operator?OM: Over the years, we have managed to build a solid technical and operational infrastructure capable of providing an efficient product in several jurisdictions. Adding another brand, making true use of this fact is simply a way to leverage on investments that we have already made.Having Mr Green backing us up furthermore guarantees that we can offer our customers a great range of games, great service in a responsible gambling environment already from starts which could have been tricky if we had started from scratch, without the support from Mr Green.SBC: You mention that the Garbo site has a “sometimes provocative profile”; why do you feel this gives you a competitive advantage?OM: We believe that it is important to engage the customer. Especially in this industry where the customer offering is pretty much the same everywhere (even though we all do our best to stand out in the crowd). Therefore, a small, niche brand that engages the customer could have an advantage on the big dragons. With that said, we are rather loved by some, than “not disliked” by everyone.SBC: Previously, Garbo.com has been described as a ‘perfect gambling site’ for women; is this still the idea?OM: Yes. Or at least we aim to be. The foundation is in place and we are now working hard to as soon as possible to deliver on that statement.last_img

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