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this weekend, your circle of friends in MINI received the 42

large star?


this is the BMW MINI teamed up with Mr. Esquire fashion magazine to do a set of films, in order to promote a new generation of MINI CLUBMAN, with MINI’s argument is that – to define the image of the new gentleman.

how to play a large field to play with a sense of the scene in addition to a variety of shooting process recorded down to the social media, the large cast into the circle of friends, you can also do?

this time, even if it is claimed to do the new gentleman, the BMW MINI, in front of the people sought after live, but also want to take a return to the East wind.

May 15 – 17, MINI live on the audience in the film for the first time in a row for the next 3 days. The main characters are Jing Bairan, Ethan Ruan, Qin Hao, and four male stars in the world of the city of Tony Yang.



but before this, MINI or full of gimmicks, such as the four star is how carefully chosen: Yan, strength, with new ideas, MINI love, in line with the position from the young artists to the new gentleman, the one less, but also tempt the fans your appetite.

followed by the launch of the interaction in WeChat, inviting questions, and let the stars in the selection of questions on the live call to answer:



3 days more than 15 hours of live webcast, MINI harvest of about 5300000 people online watch. But this is appreciated, MINI live not from the perspective of the consumer star, all the entertainment, behind a variety of large exposure, you can see in the process of brand content and story mining.


the floor well, have you seen



the floor well, have you seen




combined with the two picture, look at what Ethan Ruan has done to the dog



do you think to get some rain in front of the block, I will not see a



Red light

dark, >

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