Zubeldia: “It gives vertigo so young to reach 100 matches”

first_img– Do not you find the data curious?What data do you mean?– You will play your 100 match against the same team on the day of your debut in First …Ok, now. The truth is that, until now I had not noticed that detail. The day of my debut I have it in my memory, impossible to erase; and this one if I play and I play 100 games because I will always have it in my memory.– What do you remember about the day of your debut at Mestalla in 2016?That I played the final minutes, that I played six minutes last, and I remember that we returned home with the three points with the goal of my friend Mikel Oyarzabal, and that I returned very happy home, really.– How fast everything has happened, right?It says easy and soon, right? This is like a high speed train. You don’t even realize what you do. But I’m enjoying and enjoying, and maybe that’s why everything happens so fast.– Is that with 22 years will play 100 games in the area, what comes to mind when you think about it?Well, I never imagined being so young reaching this round figure, but it will be for something, and I will continue to work just as hard for many more to arrive.– Are you impressed or dizzy?Well yes, the truth, it gives vertigo come so young, because 100 games already think it is something important. But you also don’t have time to think about it, because every weekend comes very fast. That’s how you add up and that’s why the 100 games have arrived.– What has been your most special game of the 100 with the Real?The debut Because it was the beginning of all this. The one in Valencia I will never forget.– It could have been 100 matches in Ipurua, but it was suspended due to force majeure …The first is health. If we think logically, it’s well decided, we’ll play in March, and that’s it, it’s the best. But if we had played, there would be no excuses for anything or anyone. As much as this little break has been good for us.– 100 matches with the Real in a crucial match in the fight for Europe … 5 I tell you very important. A lot. We have two games in a row at home, and they will be key, because now we are well ahead of our fans. Winning a direct rival like Valencia we make an important leap. Then Valladolid will arrive, and if we give all the best we have, we will be very close to winning the matches, I am sure.– Do you look at the costumes to Europe only, or also to the Champions League?We are ambitious But I prefer not to look at anything, really. Just focus on the next game, if we win we will be closer and that will be positive so that at the end of the season we can say that we are qualified for Europe.– Fighting for the Champions League, in the semifinals of the Cup … if you are told in the summer to arrive this way to February, secure signature, don’t tell me no.Of course I sign, we all sign. We are very happy. But I am going to tell you that so far we have not done anything with all that, now is the time to give the best of each one to get something real.– Around the corner is the semifinal against Mirandés, does Anduva’s head go?Not at all. We are very focused on the match against Valencia, although we know that that match in Miranda is there, we know that. But we can not decentrate.– We have all recovered from the disappointment of winning ‘only 2´-1 at Mirandés in the first leg. Did you understand the pessimism that surrounded the hours following that result?It’s that if we lose, I don’t know what would have happened. Of course we all wanted to win 2-0 and go to Miranda quieter. But he won by that difference and we go with advantage to Miranda, you have to keep that.– What happened to you? Could you have the responsibility to see the reception?I do not know. I in the country had the feeling of being uncomfortable, like too many pressures, and things did not go as we wanted. A little was that what happened to us. Now we know what it is to play a semifinal match and at Anduva we hope the same does not happen.– Can you imagine playing a final with Real?I imagine. I’ve always wanted to win a title with the Real. But we have not done anything, even if we are close to being able to achieve it. I have always dreamed of winning a title with the Real, but we know that there will be very complicated, we will suffer a lot, but we will give everything to be in the final.– What do you think of the words of his former partner Íñigo Martínez saying that they expected to win to get the barge and direct to La Concha?Let’s see, everyone knows what he says. I prefer not to say those things, but everyone thinks what they have to do.– Are you impressed that more than 500 people from Becerril come to Anoeta this Saturday?Hopefully they come to cheer us up. It is a detail of the club. For them it will be a great, special day, the town of Becerril will have a great time here.– By the way, 2020 may be more special for Igor Zubeldia if he is eventually called for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics …It’s very nice to have that possibility. I hope it happens. But I don’t think so much either. I focus on day to day, and if they catch me to go to Tokyo I am delighted.center_img Igor Zubeldia sets to 100 this Saturday at the Reale Arena. Chance has wanted the azkoitiarra to play his 100th match with the Real society against the same team with which he debuted in Primera in 2016, Valencia. Key piece for Imanol Sheriff, look back at the AS newspaper.last_img

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