The world’s most beautiful single female billionaires start empty-handed, one drop of $9 billion

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The world’s first

buyers Ma recent visit, and the nation’s first billionaire Elizabeth Holmes (Elizabeth Holmes), former U.S. President Bill Clinton made a quite global significance of the dialogue. How to make good use of science and technology at the meeting was put forward again, this is what Elizabeth has been pursuing the goal.

is 31 years old, beautiful, single, a net worth of $4 billion 500 million. No matter from the identity or experience, Elizabeth Holmes is exceptionally bright, "Forbes" magazine called her to start empty-handed the world’s youngest female billionaire.

she gave up Standford school founded Theranos, a drop of business brought $9 billion valuation. The company combines diagnosis and treatment, both hardware development and medical research, currently provides more than 200 kinds of common blood tests, its detection system has become one of the U.S. public health insurance benefits.

" deviation from " life of formal education

Elizabeth is only 31 years old this year, Holmes. She was born in February 1984, grew up with his parents traveled around the country, also developed is not limited by the environment "formal personality". She came to China during her teenage years, and she also sold C++ programming software to a Chinese school.

Elizabeth was influenced by great grandfather, Christian, and the medical profession in the selection of the. However, she was very afraid of the syringe. At the age of 15, Elizabeth ran to Standford and wrapped her in a Chinese course at the university. Robertson, Dean of the school of chemical engineering at Stanford University, recalls, "this girl is very special," she was the first day of freshman year and doctoral students to participate in the work of the president’s laboratory.

then Elizabeth to dispel the doubts of the dean in good Chinese, to the Singapore Institute of genome research, mainly in the traditional method of detection of severe respiratory diseases (such as SARS). But she is dissatisfied with this, the use of lab-on-a-chip technology studied in Standford, envisioned a complete various detection methods only need a drop of blood, the results of the data transmission in a wireless way to the doctor.

has been owned by the school after sophomore Elizabeth sank into the dean’s office, "we open a company". And give up their studies, but because of the hope that the establishment of such a medical system, can completely change the status quo of health care. I don’t want to do anything to improve existing technology, but to invent a whole new technology that can benefit all people regardless of region, race, age or gender."

she’s got so many big

Theranos company did not "overnight" and "popular", but in the past ten years showed a slight upward trend.

she will

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