GPF urges community effort in fighting crime

first_imgAs crime continues to be a major concern, the Guyana Police Force’s A Division (Georgetown-East Bank), in partnership with the Central Georgetown Police Youth Group, on Saturday held a health walk to strengthen law enforcement’s ties with the public.A Division Commander Clifton Hicken reiterated the calls for a more broad-based approach to be taken in fighting crime, particularly encouraging youth-focused strategiesUnder the theme “Moulding and Fusing the Youth for a Healthier and Brighter Future”, Police ranks along with youths and parents assembled at the Square of the Revolution to commence the walk, which ended at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary.During a separate ceremony at the East La Penitence Primary School, the gathering was reminded how crucial it was to work along with the Force to reduce crime and improve society by extension.This message was relayed by Superintendent Anthony Vanderhyden, who further encouraged the gathering to be aware of the positive impact they could make in curbing crime in their communities. Vanderhyden pointed out that they should also engage in nation-building activities that would be effective in reforming Guyana as whole.In his address, A Division Commander Clifton Hicken reiterated the calls for a more broad-based approach to be taken in fighting crime.He pointed out that the first step should be taken in the community and consequently expand across the country. Since the community approach would be effective in its cause, the formation of youth groups within these districts were promoted.The A Division Commander noted that adolescence was a “vulnerable period”. For this reason, he pledged the support of the Force in making resources available which would aid in the development of youths as they refocus their energies positively. The involvement of stakeholders was also described as vital in a number of aspects.A new community group was introduced at the forum, the East La Penitence Police Youth Group, the 14th group of its kind to be established under the social crime prevention initiative by the Guyana Police Force. – establishes newest Police youth grouplast_img

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