How to promote the overseas market

at the end of June, China export has been eighth consecutive months of negative growth. Although the country from the end of last year to continue to improve the export tax rebate rate, but the export situation is very grim, there is still no sign of improvement. Coupled with the current concern is the rise of trade protectionism in developed countries, China’s exports are facing many difficulties. With the steady progress of the domestic economy, people’s consumption enthusiasm is being stimulated, the domestic market gradually release energy consumption. In order to enhance the ability of foreign trade enterprises to deal with risks, the Ministry of Commerce to encourage foreign trade enterprises to export to domestic sales, after a detailed investigation, has been in the study of the development of new deal.

we can see that in the face of the export situation is not optimistic, to expand the domestic market to help export enterprises, on the one hand the government might introduce relevant policies, such as export tax rebates, on the one hand and actively invested to build the "export" platform for enterprises, such as the national foreign trade commodity exhibition, Expo etc.. However, for export to domestic sales, light with the help of government and efforts are not enough, enterprises need to change their ideas, not only hold for psychological waiting for government support, the key lies in yourself to a positive response, one can continue to maintain the overseas market, on the other hand we should actively seek to open up the domestic market to achieve breakthrough.

however, turning to domestic market, many enterprises are embarrassed to discover that their accumulation and export experience is not enough to help them win the "trade war", need to do homework and overcome the "fortress" more and more. Everything is difficult at the beginning, we must find a breakthrough. Fierce momentum in the domestic e-commerce momentum, the use of the Internet platform for marketing innovation for enterprises is a very simple and easy to succeed.

enterprise will existing products into the Internet sales channels is very clear there are two ways: one is the use of B2C portal spread market, two is the self built website, especially B2C their website construction is necessary, and this is also important for the significance of the brand construction.

is the establishment of motivation, we begin to choose the network service provider, to provide domestic website based network service providers to join Cibuqi, most still remain in the stage of product supply, provide no better product ideas and personalized service. The author interviewed the person in charge of marine science and technology market, according to his introduction, as the first brand of domestic and overseas IDC, marine science and technology has been committed to providing excellent Internet solutions to help enterprises to better carry out the network marketing

according to its introduction, the current domestic websites in order to solve the problem of China Telecom and China Unicom (CNC) bandwidth bottleneck between the adopted solution is to use double space, in fact, most customers in addition to telecom and Netcom, there is a considerable part of the business education network, long and wide, iron, mobile broadband, dual host in the face these visitors use these broadband, speed is not fast, but there is a considerable part of the enterprise, or even with the single host. This leads to the fact that we tend to open the web sites of these companies

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