Bai Gengxiao to carry out the first step of the first step in the network marketing discipline three

as the saying goes, to do good work must first sharpen his tools. Whether it is an individual or business, in order to do a good job in network marketing, the first step is to establish a good website. What is a good site? Let’s take a look at the establishment of the site’s three basic discipline.

a, select the domain name

often talk with some friends do business network marketing, it is inevitable to explain what is a domain name". Domain name, in a narrow sense, just like the traditional marketing in a store address. But in a broad sense, the domain name has been given more meaning, which is very worthy of attention, the domain name is the first consumer awareness of the enterprise (personal) network brand. A good domain name, allows consumers to remember your brand at the first glance, a good domain name, but also the transfer of enterprise (personal) brand of the primary channel. A casual use of digital or meaningless letters piled up in the domain name, it looks very serious, give consumers a sense of uncertainty, such enterprise (individual) brand is likely to lose at the starting line directly.

here I want to give you a small tip: the choice of domain names, must be combined with the target audience’s user habits. For example, to do foreign trade enterprises, it is best to choose the appropriate content of the English word to do the domain name, rather than Pinyin, because the audience is generally foreign trade expatriates, English is an international language. And if it is the main domestic market enterprises, it is best to use the relevant content with the management of the Pinyin domain name. In addition, the habits and customs of different audiences, also want to consider, for example, the number "4" is not a good view, and a digital "in the eyes of the people very lucky 13" is actually the Westerners as ominous symbol. Do not underestimate these details, often the key to success.

two, select space

framework to build a necessary step in the site, select the quality of space to store their own website. For small and medium enterprises or individual owners, to buy a separate server storage site cost is too high, so many enterprises and individuals will choose to hire the space agency business sub space. Choose a good space, but also to carry out network marketing is a very important pre condition. Space is stable, the user access to the site is smooth, these are directly affecting the user experience of the first element, absolutely can not be ignored. This is relatively easy to understand, I do not talk about here.

three, site name

site name is the consumer to the enterprise (personal) brand the most intuitive feelings, but also the establishment of the site’s three discipline is the best understanding of the most difficult to grasp a. For the general traditional entity enterprise, you can use the enterprise name as the name of the site, but if it is the main network of enterprises and individuals, the website name is a symbol of the brand, sloppy. Here we look at, a good web site name, what needs to have.

1, good record. The site name is the main content of the account with the spread of the monument, a good note, ring

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