Circle of friends was over marketing, the crime of non marketing WeChat open rules unknown

last night in a group, I and social dividend, author Xu Zhibin, director of strategic touch technology has been sailing, WeChat’s problems have produced some controversy.

Xu Zhibin is one of the first teachers to join me, Zeng is my fellow townsman, the relationship is better, the argument is on the point of view of the individual, but also has nothing to do with the company’s ideology of the Tencent.

has been in contact with Xu Zhibin’s view is basically the same, that is, third party developers do not have to go to WeChat’s open platform, and can be done by WeChat’s social relationships chain. For example, crazy guess map, magic diffuse camera.

I do not deny the value of WeChat as a third party application to borrow the value of the relationship chain. But for a third party developer, this degree, it is difficult to take control of the circle of friends for WeChat ecosystem, it is not healthy.

why, for a third party developers, to borrow WeChat chain to get viral effect is difficult to grasp the "degree"? Because the circle of friends is so big, you don’t go for other applications, will take, out of competition, from the heart, it’s hard to concentrate on each other will the circle of friends more than anyone else. This is reduced to a "out of control", "wilderness" competition.

imagine a screen full circle of friends, is a friend of the sun; a screen full circle of friends, is a product of viral marketing posts.. This will not only affect the life cycle of the third party products, but also on the whole ecosystem of WeChat friends hit. A cell phone screen, so little, not on the PC, micro-blog, SNS, the user’s sensitivity to the circle of friends is very large.

what is the reason that caused the third party application, have to occupy pit friend


the problem is critical. From the perspective of market regulation mechanism, because WeChat platform can give the third party application channel is not enough, so the third party application only to think in the circle of friends, to get the user through viral marketing. Therefore, the above mentioned serial damage effect.

so, how to give third parties to use more channels for the application of the third party will not be able to put their lives can only invest in the circle of friends on the virus marketing it?

is the WeChat platform should give a transparent and open platform rules, rules of open, transparent threshold standard, some third party applications with more channels, naturally no need to life is blocked in the development of viral marketing over the.

The WeChat

platform provides a game center entrance, with a huge amount of users, apple APP Store, free games list, Top 5, 3 is the WeChat channel game products; bestseller list, WeChat channel game products occupy the top five is 3.

this means that you do not cooperate with Tencent games, squeeze into WeChat

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