nterpretation of the core of network marketing to improve customer price and turnover


network marketing refers to the Internet with the help of Internet technology to achieve the purpose of profit marketing behavior. With the development of the Internet and e-commerce, network marketing has gradually become an important marketing channel for the majority of owners and businesses.

we know that network marketing, the purpose of which is to realize the profitability of the product, and a product’s profit depends on the price and number of transactions, so the realization of customer price and the transaction amount will increase to become the core task of network marketing. As shown below, we can know through the derivation of quality assurance, brand image and customer price channel is completed and the important way of the number of transactions, so it is very important to guarantee the product quality, establish product network brand image and expand marketing channels will become. Here we analyze one by one.


first, we discuss how to build brand image. The establishment of the network brand, to promote products, after play a multiplier effect. Here we are at eight degrees to the network as an example, micro-blog, WeChat certified public platform authentication and some blogs and public home page as a platform, specifically for the webmaster related issues regularly publish a series of information, the eight network with a certain authority and high-end brand image obtained in these platform IDC and webmaster related fields.

then, for the convenience of users, a better understanding of IDC, eight degrees eight degrees set up a special information network (news.ebadu.net), eight degrees and eight degrees (help.ebadu.com) help culture (www.ebadu.com.cn) three tools site, this can establish the eight degree network products user experience. Coupled with its reasonable customer service system (6, 53, QQ, micro-blog + want + answer column and WeChat), the eight degree network users in the use of its products is very convenient. The latest independent research and development of cloud hosting platform cloud is in the user experience and the depth of the use of cloud computing technology. Visible quality assurance is the core to improve the user experience.

finally, in terms of open channels, the rational use of the site and shop two common internet trading model to enhance the number of transactions to play a positive role.

through the above analysis, we are now able to show a very clear network marketing flow chart. And can be very clear understanding of the basic operation of network marketing process. Visible, improve the customer price and turnover through the entire network marketing, network marketing is the core.

reprint please indicate source: eight degree network (www.ebadu.net)

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