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this two days to get the manuscript of a book "Shi Yuzhu readme: my marketing experience", Shi Yuzhu is the only public works, published from some distance, to give everyone exposed point dry cargo.

Shi Yuzhu is a product and marketing master, is probably the most down to earth of these products China home, some very soil, it is very useful. To Shi Yuzhu, I not only care about his product method, but also pay more attention to his real tool.

from the product point of view, Shi Yuzhu is a deep human users master, and is considered to be the "Diablo", in fact, he is also "forced", 10 thousand hours of hard law practitioner, many soil strokes:

1, the best planning mentor is the consumer

Shi Yuzhu: not only the concept of gift is to talk to the old lady out there, I think the whole process can not be separated from consumers. I have been with the company insiders stressed that the best planning mentor is the consumer. Every one of my advertising language, every shot a good advertising, such as the old man old lady that TV commercials, I shoot out, the National Branch Manager, the backbone of the headquarters all together to see. Finally, I don’t have a veto, but I don’t agree. Fifty or sixty people to vote, only 2/3 have raised their hands, said yes, to broadcast.

tools: weekly interviews with 50 consumers. There are provisions within the Shi Yuzhu company, all the advertising department, all engaged in the planning, must be interviewed 50 consumers a week. Shi Yuzhu requirements throughout the branch manager, head of department heads, every month to interview 30 consumers. And will be checked.

2, consumer interviews to ensure true record

Shi Yuzhu: as long as the consumer goods company, in addition to sweeping aunt, everyone should understand the consumer. Our interview was done. After the interview, there is an interview, he and consumer dialogue, what he said, the other said what. There must be a series of this, the Chinese people’s ability to write is quite strong. Then I check, every month I will check 3-5. Because I know the consumer, who really who I can see.

tools: Interview fraud penalty method. Face interview fraud, Shi Yuzhu’s approach is open, the national assembly, carry out the people let him on stage even say one hundred times, if he called Zhang San, said 100 times "Zhang San Zhang San no credit, no credit". Next time I dare not. However, this practice may be a bit troublesome for 90.

Study on

3, users need: trial and error

Shi Yuzhu: as long as it is a consumer oriented business, consumers must study. This consumer psychology, by trial and error, or trial and error.


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