Tourism electricity supplier to push visa fees are too high transparency questioned

recently, the people’s daily official micro-blog released the latest version of the visa consulate price list, causing heated debate, users have lamented visa agency fees are much higher than the Consulate price". For a time, the consulate price to bring the issue of the visa price norms become the focus of attention.


with this synchronization is the online travel business "visa war": after the first visa Ctrip consulate price + service fee transparent pricing model, byson travel network, leisurely travel visa to join the price war, played the "free" brand. Insiders pointed out that the online travel visa war will squeeze the travel agency visa agency market space to a certain extent.

A, travel agency fees questioned

agency fees charged by the consulate price and service fee.

The reporter found

compared with different countries visa, the travel agency costs a huge gap: Malaysia and Japan personal travel visa consulate price was 200 yuan, a travel agency in Xiamen marked prices were 280 yuan and 1200 yuan. Travel agency staff explained that Southeast Asian countries travel visa processing is relatively simple, the adoption rate is higher, but Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries visa management process is more complex, so the higher fees.

for travel agency fees questioned, insiders said, "the travel agent visa will be easier, and the people of Xiamen if they do a visa, usually have the person to go to the Consulate in Guangzhou, time and transport costs invested are far higher than the" service fee "."

reporter learned that the travel agency fees charged by the agency is mainly used for translation, on behalf of the information to be submitted to the consulate and other services.

a travel agency practitioners said, travel agency visa compared to online travel companies, have their own advantages. "It is not easy to disclose the personal information to the travel agency, and the travel agency usually has a" green channel "in the consulate, which has a long term cooperation and a high rate of visa passing."

for visa fees or industry standards, the industry practitioners said that within the basic consensus, the basic price will not be much difference, "just a travel visa service agency many services, not the main profit point, can not earn much money."

B, travel website visa fee transparency

back in June of this year, Ctrip announced at the time of the visa consulate price list and a tourist visa consumer survey report. The report shows that the price opaque and process confusion is currently the most worried about the issue of consumer visas. Among them, 88% of the guests do not know how much is the visa agency fees, 99% of consumers to support the consulate price + service fee transparent pricing, the consumer can choose to accept $0 – $150 service fee.

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