Crazy behind the electricity supplier ecological construction the lack of awareness of whitewashing

text / Wang Wei

these days, the electricity supplier whitewashing became a topic. Reminiscent of years ago, the village west wall people great fertilizer, seeds and Telecommunications package advertising.

at that time, the village is not a voice, but still full of vitality. I do not know this season, when people go to the countryside whitewashing business, whether there is a strange feeling, that is the rural hollowing out: a large number of migrant workers, even perennial back; left behind the mostly elderly and children to go to school.

, of course, will not find that electricity providers who whitewashing a remote village, they will according to the so-called population, consumption, traffic conditions and other factors are selectively to musicians and may not see the empty reality.

when the numerous enterprises, public media to small towns, rural areas and farmers as a final marketing depression, adhere to the "46 markets", "channel sink", in my mind, the feeling is not a Wei Guangzheng, but with a temptation, even to marketing violent taste, rural people has become a big industry, big channel, Internet dumping strategy lamb.

1, Jingdong Mall: "build up the family fortunes by working, thrifty Kao Jingdong." My experience is that both want to render cheap and pretentious, loaded to force the image;

2, Dangdang: fellow villagers, shopping dangdang". A lack of real experience of rural life is


3, Taobao: "life wants good, hurry up Taobao". Is still a kind of dumping from life.

said: "this reporter is whitewashing slogans are also filled with strong local flavor". In my opinion, there is no pile of ecological concept of dumping advertising words, there is no local flavor, what is "rich"?

I admit, I come from the countryside, there are too many small farmers thinking, there are too many insecurity, there are too many stubborn stubborn resistance to new things. But I still insist on the Internet, especially the electric business, while continuing to change the world, at this stage, it is also facing the country, but their capital coerced the lack of ecological concept of dumping and humanistic care.

there is no whitewashing culture better able to explain a superior, Savior of the same pose, dumping. The basic concept, from the bottom from the perspective of survival and nurturing, under the banner of consumerism, with countless pretentious language further overdraft rural world.

I am convinced that the writer Liang Hong in "China in Liang Zhuang" in a word, the village is a "national womb". Today, the "village to village people become collapsibility has no home, no root, no memory, no spirit and destination."

because the countryside has become a huge fake city and industrial society. Mechanical copying leads to rapid collapse and dispersion of traditional values. To some extent, leading to this outcome, including paint companies.


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